Forever and always (a Justlena love story; collab with Justlenaforever) Ch.3





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Uploaded on Sep 14, 2010

Written by: Justlenaforever
Episode 3(:

Hailey: Who do you like?!
Ryan: I uh....ummm....I.....
Hailey: seriously Ryan! *laughs* I want to know!!
Ryan: well your going to have to wait and find out. *winks* see you later! *hugs her and leaves*
Hailey: POV: I hope Ryan likes me!

-with Selena at home-
Selena; hey mom I'm home!
Selenas mom: hey honey! How was school?
Selena: okay......
Selenas mom: only okay?
Selena: yup! I'm gunna go up to my room and do my homework!
Selenas mom: okay.
-10 minutes later-
???: *knocks on the door*
Selenas mom: *opens it* wow! Hi! Your Justin bieber right?
Justin; yes..yes I am. *smiles* you must be sels mom. *pov: what is her name?! It can't just be sel...but i don't want to ask her mom....cause that would make me feel really stupid...* Nice to meet you. *smiles and shakes her hand*
Selenas mom: nice to meet you too! Should I go get sel--
Selena: MOM! who's at the door!?
Selenas mom: your friend came by to see you!
Selena: okay *walks down*
Selenas mom: *walks by her to go upstairs and whispers* he's cute! And a gentleman. *leaves*
Selena: who is she talk--what are you doing here bieber?
Justin: ah. I see you're a bit fiesty! Again...I like it. *smirks*
Selena: just leave me alone please?!
Justin: I'll pass on that. Let's hang out!
Selena: no...I can't....
Justin: cool. I'll call up Ryan Chaz Hailey and krista to meet us at the bowling alley! *smiles*
Selena: did I ever agree to this bieber? *annoyed*
Justin: nope. But your still going!
Selena: ughhhhhh then will you leave me alone?
Justin; uhhh...sure...*pov: once I put on my "bieber charm" she'll want me around. Just like the other girls*
Selena: fine let's go then.

-30 minutes later everyones at the bowling alley-
Selena: *grabs a bowling ball and goes to the lane and throws down the ball* oh no! That was terrible! *looks at the ball knock down 1 pin*
Justin: need a little help there shawty?*smiles*
Selena; okay!! I'm sick of you calling me shawty!! My names....Selena!
Justin: thanks for telling me Selena....what a beautiful name. *flirty smile*
Selena: *rolls her eyes* whatever.
Chaz: *knocks down all the pins* LOOK AT THAT!!!! WHOOOO!! *high fives the boys*
Justin: nice job man!!
Ryan: *high fives Chaz*
Chaz: thanks. *goes to krista* hey can I talk to you alone....?
Krista: ummm sure...*they walk out side*
Chaz: I need to tell you something...
Krista: what is it?

-back inside with everyone else-
Hailey: hey Ryan! You never told me who you like!
Justin: oh he likes yo-
Ryan: *kicks him*
Justin: what the hell?
Ryan: shut up man!!
Justin: oh yeah....sorry Hailey. Can't tell! *chuckles*
Hailey: ughhhhhh! Wow you guys!!! *POV: should i tell Ryan that I like him or no? Should I or no? Hailey! What are you thinking!!! He's like your best friend!!! But I want to tell him...ugh...tell him? Don't tell him? Tell him? Don't tell him..?*
Selena: haileyy??? You okay?
Hailey: uhh yeah. Um Ryan I need to talk you. *pulls him to the other side of the bowling alley*
Ryan: what do you want to talk about?? *nervous*

-with Selena and Justin-
Selena: *POV: wow I couldn't believe it! I was having so much fun! All of us were singing and dancing to justins songs and we got interrupted like 50 times by girls screaming..."OMG ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!" then all of us would start laughing like crazy. And Justin...actually seemed really nice. I mean even if he was a big flirt...he was being really sweet. Wait Selena! Don't tell me your getting feelings for him?!! Ugh...*
Justin: *POV: I know at first I just wanted to play Selena...but after spending some time with her...I wanted to actually have a solid relastionship with her* hey Selena...
Selena: yeah? *smiles*
Justin: *goes to her and wraps his arms around her helping her with the bowling ball and then he drops the ball and gets a strike*
Selena: *smiles* wow justin. Me and you make a good team.
Justin: *still holding her and looks into her eyes* yeah we do.
Isabella: *POV: ugh! That new girl has got to go!*

-is Hailey going to tell Ryan that she likes him? What's Chaz talking to krista about? Whats Isabella gunna do? And what's going on between Selena and justin? Hmm. :)-

Oh and I will be writing the next one! :)


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