Pregnant teen attacked on Seattle bus ( RAW FOOTAGE )





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Published on Dec 16, 2010

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SEATTLE -- The shocking video of a pregnant woman being kicked and punched on a Metro bus is prompting officials to increase security.

The video footage, which was first seen on KOMO News, is shocking, even for the most seasoned deputies. Five girls jumped the victim in the back of the bus. The camera captured every blow.

"I saw my whole face was like bleeding, and I was like, 'Oh, my goodness!' And it's dripping and stuff," said the victim, Jessica.

The girls were seen grabbing Jessica's MP3 player out of her hand. Jessica is seen pleading with the girls to stop, telling them she's pregnant.

Watch security camera video of the attack

"One of them kept kicking me in the back and stuff. And you know, I didn't want anything to happen," she said.

But the fists keep flying, and Jessica says not a single passenger tried to help.

Sheriff Sue Rahr can't believe nobody on board called 911. When the bus driver eventually did call 911, the attack was already over.

"I'm shocked," said Rahr. "Frankly I think people were so shocked that it took them a while to process what was happening."

Now Rahr is calling for beefed-up security, including additional cameras on board.

One out of every four Metro buses are already equipped with cameras, and there are plans to install another 250 next year.

But will they really deter criminals?

Today, I took a ride on the Route 358 bus from north downtown Seattle to Aurora -- the same route Jessica took.

Riders said while they like the idea, cameras won't stop the violence because people don't want to get involved.

"On these buses in Seattle, people see so much crazy stuff. If it doesn't have anything to do with them, they don't want no parts in it, you know," said one rider.

But in this case, the bus camera captured the faces of all of the suspects, allowing detectives to identify and arrest all five of them.

Transit police urges anyone who witnesses a fight aboard a bus to resist stepping in call 911 instead.

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jon r
Common behavior for blacks. The world is fed up with all of you.
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Uniform Tango 74
Damn shame.
Elisabeth Wiberg
horrible..and that no one did anything /; and feel so sorry for the boyfriend who also got beaten, he couldn't do anything, because people don't like when boys hit Girls but in this situation if I was him I would atleast push them away or something. but ugh...just horrible :/
Ghetto uneducated trash. smh That's horrible...Poor lady.. at the same time, they didnt know she was pregnant. I hope things would have been different had they known. But who knows, maybe that man DID steal the phone.
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jazzabel zion
My baby daddy would had knocked all 3 of those bitches out frfr he doesn't play. About. His smh
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It pisses me off that the other people don't intervene to help people under attack like this.
Bill Williams
Seasoned deputies are shocked by this video! Yeah, right. Like this crap is such a rare occurrence.
Fra Daw
I totally disagree with the media blurring the faces of young offenders. They are criminals, and in this case violent criminals, just the same as if they were 35 not 15. It is high time society make young people who commit crimes be responsible enough to pay the price. I am sick and tired of watching this type of behaviour in the news.
This has nothing to do with race.
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Where are the race baiting headlines for this one? Oh, right. Race is only relevant when the victim is black.
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