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Published on Mar 4, 2012

Angie here (: Im a bit dissapointed we havent gotten any feedback on the story! But me and emma are grateful for the subs (:

Demi POV ...

My first day in Cali and Im already screwing up...and i barely know Nick..sheesh I DONT KNOW him.. How could i trust him, how will i know he wont say anything? How could i make i promise I wont be able to keep...Im so screwed up...maybe thats why people hurt me...maybe thats why my father hates me....maybe my mom actually sent me away so she dont have to deal with me...i just dont know anymore.

I lay in bed thinking for a little longer. I sure hope things pick up; I miss my mom, Sel and Miles so much. I don't think I have told you about them, they are my best friends and they are the same age as me. Their full names are Miley Ray Cyrus and Selena Marie Gomez. They know everything about me, even about my dad and the cutting, they are godsends to me. I stopped cutting when I was back home because they helped me but here it's too overwhelming. I suddenly started to drift of into a daydream, I wonder if I will get anything for my birthday here. My birthday is tomorrow, but I'm not at all excited all I want is to go back home and for it to be back to the way it was before. When I was daddy's baby girl and we were each other's ROCK. We used to do everything together he even used to take me to work with him. What happened to him? I miss it so much, thee loving stares, the kisses and cuddles, the bedtime stories. That was all such a distant memory; I wish it could fade the ones I remember most vividly, the ones I don't want to remember. I also wish I could go back home to Sel and Miles, they are like my sisters, everyone always used to call us 'the triplets' because we did everything together.

-The next morning-

I wake up to the muffled buzzing of my phone. I guess I fell asleep whilst I was in deep thought. I dragged the sheets off my bed until I found my phone. "Hello?" I said "Hey baby girl." I smiled to myself after hearing my mom cheerfully greeting me. "Hey mom" I said happily. "Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday to Demi...happy birthday to you" I giggled at her dorkiness, but at the same time it brought a tear to my eye. "Thanks mom" "No problem, now to the serious business presents!!" She said almost yelling in excitement. "Yaaayy!!" I said genuinely. "Now get up." She said in her bossy mom voice "I'm up" I replied curious. "Make sure you are decent, cos you know how many boys there are in the house." I love it when she says embarrassing things like that. "Yeah I'm decent" I said laughing. "Now go downstairs." I ran downstairs excitedly. "And answer the door." I was confused then. "But there is no one-" I stopped talking when I heard the door bell and answered it. "Surprise!!" Miley and Sel stood at the door with their arms full of presents a luggage. "Oh my gosh!!! Thank you mom!!" The only thing that would make me happier is if she was here with me too. "No problem my baby, now I will let you go have fun and open your presents off me and the girls, I will call you later, have an amazing birthday, I love you always" "I love you for longer, thank you" I hung up the phone and Miley and Sel dropped all their stuff and strangled me in a huge hug. "Demmmmsssyyyy!!" They both said in unison. I loved the warmth of their hugs.

Normal POV

Demi: Hey!!! How long are you here for?
Miley: As long as you are here for
Demi: Well you better sort it out with Denise
Denise: You mom already did, I'm happy to have them because then I'm not outnumbered by boys. (They all laugh)
Demi: Thank you so much (hugs Denise)
Denise: No problem sweetie.
Sel: I have to say your house rawkksss!!!
Denise: Thank you umm....
Demi: Selena
Denise: Ahh Selena
Demi: That's Selena Marie Gomez, but she prefers Sel and Miley Ray Cyrus or Miles. Denise: Nice to meet you girls (shakes their hands) Anyway Demi, we have made you a special birthday breakfast and everyone has a present for you.

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