Who Do I Choose?~Charlie's One-Shot~Part 3~2/? Part 5 3/4





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Published on Jun 14, 2012

~ ImmaMindlessMuffinProductions® ~

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-1 Week Later-Countdown to Charlie's Decision:1 Month and 23 Days-Listen to- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e0kWk... [idk i was listening to it]

~~Charlie's POV~~

Prod:(thrusting in and out of me slow)
Me:(moaning/whispering) Ohh baby..(digs nails harder in his back) Right there...
Prod:(goes deeper and whispers) Right there baby...?
Me:(bites lip, moaning loud) Yess!!!

Prod and I were in his room..on the bed..under the covers...fucking. And good lord is it good..he invited me over so I can help him practice football and we got tired...so we went inside to change and what not but I ended up kissing him and he was feeling on me so here we are now!! And I love watching Prod thrust in and out of me cause his big muscles are gleaming and dripping with sweet and his mom's name is tattooed on his chest. He's just so sexy....and he makes eye contact with me that makes it 10x better.

Me:(moaning loud) Uhh Prodd...(runs fungers through his mohawk)
Prod:(bites lip) Am I treating you right? (strokes slower)
Me:(digs nails in back) You have no ideaa!!
Prod:(pushes deeper and goes faster, while sucking my neck)
Me:(breathing unevenly, screaming) PROD PROD PROD!!! OH BABY!!!
Prod:(kisses me passionately and strokes slow)
Me:(places hand on his chest and kisses back like- http://www.polyvore.com/im_jaded_stup... )
Prod:(picks up the pace while kissing me)
Me:(moaning loud) Shitt ahh Prod! (bites lip)
Prod:(stops) Am I hurting you?
Me:(bites lip and giggles) No baby!! (pulls him into a kiss)
Prod:(smiles and kisses back going deeper&faster, shakin the whole bed)
Me:(moaning and digs nails deep in his back and kisses back)
JoJo:(walks in, and taps Prod on the back)
Prod:(pulls away and looks at JoJo and sighs annoyingly) JoJo what are you doing here!? Can't you see we're having an intimate moment!?
Me:(smiles and bites lip lookin at Prod)
JoJo:Ummm I dont even know what that means!! Duh! -_- And me and mommy are home!
Prod:You did NOT need to come in my room for that!!
JoJo:(nodding) Yes I did!!
Prod: -____________- Please leave.
JoJo:(rolls eyes and looks at me) Hey Charwee!
Me:(giggles and waves) Hey Jo...
JoJo:(sticks tongue out at Prod and leaves closin door)
Prod:(sighs) Im so sorry bout that...
Me:(smiles) Dont be...it was cute. (brushes his cheek)
Prod:(smiles) I guess my moms home.
Me:Guess soo.....(wraps arms around his neck)
Prod:Baby if you dont mind...can we umm stop..?
Me:(shocked) Umm sure! We've been at it for 3 hours anyway.. (sits up a lil)
Prod:(pulls out and gets up) Its not that I dont want to...cause I do, I just think its kinda wrong havin sex with my moms home. (puts on sweatpants)
Me:(smiles widely) No its fine. I totally agree.
Prod:(comes over and kisses me)
Me:(smiles and kisses back)
Prod:(pulls away and smiles) You want my shirt?
Me:(bites lip and nods)
Prod:(gives it to me) I'll wait outside...(turns to leave)
Me:(laughs) Prod you've seen me naked alot of times..(gets out of covers and goes to him) I want you to help me get dressed...slowly..(bites lip and turns around)
Prod:(bites lip) Well alrighty then...(rubs his hands slowly up my thighs..rubs up my hips)
Me:(bites lip, getting turned on)
Prod:(rubs hands slowly up my back...up to my neck..leaving me hickeys)
Me:(bites lip, soft moaning, head back)
Prod:(still kissing my neck...hands travel down..and caresses my breasts..rubbing them)
Me:(moaning) Mmm Prod baby....
Prod:(runs hand down my ass and lightly squeezes it..goes to front and lightly plays around my area)
Me:(moans and whispers) Yess baby...
Prod:(takes my boy shorts and slips them on me)
Me:(smiles to self)
Prod:(takes shirt and gently puts it over me then runs fingers up my neck)
Me:(tingly feeling)
Prod:(ties my hair in a bun and turns me around kissing me passionately)

Oh his touch...this is like sex standing up!! Like for real though..Prod's hands always give me this butterfly-tingly feeling that I love and it just makes me want Prod more...
I know its short..but the whole ep to this is basically convos..so it wouldnt fit!

Will they end up having sex again...?
I dont have many questions for this ep! Lmao so tell me what yall think!


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