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Published on Aug 16, 2010

A satirical view from "two heterosexual, white boy, Methodists" of today's social and political climate in the US.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY,....consider this,......

MEXICANS: Special people only because they demand to be treated apart from other Races.

It is criminal to use taxpayers' money to cater to Mexicans that refuse to learn to speak English.

Our State and federal governments print almost all government documents, voting ballots, driving manuals & drivers' license tests in Spanish. Why does the government take money from poor American families that are struggling to pay their bills and use that money to communicate with a group of people simply because that group of people has no interest in communicating in the language of the country to which they moved?

If a large number of Americans moved to Mexico and they refused to learn to speak Spanish, do you think that their El Presidente would order "his" government to start printing all Mexican election materials in English to make it possible for the Americans to vote in the Mexican elections? Would the Mexican government print everything from court documents to instructions on how to cross the street in English to help the Americans live and function in Mexico without having to learn Spanish? The answer is obviously NO, NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

Our state and federal governments make no effort to do the same thing in any other languages to assist people from other countries when those people prefer not to learn our English language.

The people that come to the United States from China, India, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Scotland, Japan and countless other countries must learn to speak English if they want to be licensed to drive a car, if they want to vote, or participate in any government programs. Mainly,....If they have any Intention of becoming a PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN!

Only Mexicans are allowed, and in fact encouraged to not learn the language of our USA. Why doesn't our government offer other immigrants the opportunity to attend our public schools with the curriculum being taught in the language of the country from which they or their parents came?

The fact that Mexicans are allowed to enter our country and make no effort to learn the language fosters a conscious (or unconscious) belief among the Mexicans that they are special and they also believe that they are not required to learn our laws or respect our traditions except to the extent necessary to stay out of jail. And many Mexicans are not overly concerned with landing in jail because they have the option to skip court and simply return to Mexico. That 'detour' is merely an unexpected expense because they are required to purchase new ID and return with a new name.

(In case a 'dual-language' supporting government employee is reading this and they think this is a missed opportunity; here's a little help so you can get the signs up faster.

Try this - Los vehículos más lentos permanecen a la derecha.)

Mexicans should be required to learn English just like the people that come to the United States from hundreds of other countries. People from countries other than Mexico are not required by law to learn the English language, just like the Mexicans are not required to learn English. BUT, there are no government funded programs to accommodate the other foreigners so that they can live, work and participate in social and welfare programs without speaking the language of the people that fund those programs.

If the taxpayers in the United States are not going to oblige all foreigners then it's shameful to discriminate against those folks and spend many millions of dollars to make the people from Mexico into a special class of people. Mexicans should assimilate just like everyone else.

Why does the American Civil Libraries Union allow this discrimination to go unchallenged? Are other foreigners a less worthy group of people that are not entitled to the same assistance that we provide the Mexicans?

Maybe this page should be translated into Spanish so the non-English-speaking Mexicans can read it and they can answer some of these questions about why they are so special.


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