Goodbye - A Roc Royal Love Story ::Ep 21::





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Published on Feb 24, 2012

::YN Pov:: me and the girls are at Estelles looking for wedding dresses cause my wedding is exact 1 month away and I want this to be perfect so I can remember it forever so jade and Aj are looking for some gowns and so is my mom and Roc's mom even my best friends are here looking I want my dress to be white and I want my bridesmaid to have blue cause It's perfect and when I was browsing around I found some dresses to try on and about 1 hours later I found the perfect wedding dress and I fell in love with it completely end of pov

.::YN::. http://www.polyvore.com/yn_outfit/set...
.:: Jade & Aj ::. http://www.polyvore.com/jade_aj_outfi...
.:: Girls ::. http://www.polyvore.com/mimi_rayne_bu...

::YN:: mom look at this dress

::YM:: oh my god I love it

::Mimi:: I mami mi gusta ( ma I love it )

::YN:: thanks Mimi

::Jade:: sis your like an angel ( smiles )

::Aj:: yeah you are that dress is really pretty ( smiles )

::Rayne:: wow girl . . . amazing ( smiles )

::Bubbles:: work it mommy . . . I'm loving that dress ( smiles )

::RM:: look at my daughter in law you look like an angel in that dress ( smiles )

::YN:: thanks mom . . . thanks everybody and I think this is the one what do you think mom ( smiles back )

::YM:: I love it and we should buy this

::YN Pov:: after I found the perfect wedding dress my mom paid for it for me and then Roc's mom paid for the bridesmaid dresses then my mom and Roc's mom found their dresses so after we were done we went to the jewelry store to get some necklace and earrings for the wedding as well end of pov

.:: Jewlery Store::.

::Jade:: hey sis look at these necklace

::YN:: wow their amazing

::Jade:: I would love to have this necklace

.::Necklace::. http://www.polyvore.com/for_jade/set?...

::YN:: that's cute and It's like a zebra but with pink in it

::Jade:: I want it

::YN:: how about this If I buy this for you would you be my maids of honor

::Jade:: really

::YN:: yes

::Jade:: omg thank you ( hugs you )

::YN:: your welcome Jade I love you ( hugs back )

::Jade:: I love you to ( smiles )

::YN:: ( smiles back ) okay let's just ask the clerk to see how much this is

::Clerk:: yes

::YN:: how much is that necklace

::Clerk:: oh this one is $250 dollars

::YN:: I would like to buy it

::Clerk:: alright

::YN Pov:: so I paid the clerk for that necklace and when I gave it to Jade she instantly fell in love with it I was just standing right their smiling at her end of pov

::Jade:: thank you

::YN:: your welcome

::YM:: oh honey let's find some necklace for you

::Jade:: mom look ( shows her necklace to her mom )

::YM:: wow that's so pretty Jade

::Jade:: (YN) bought it for me

::YM:: oh really she did

::YN:: yeah mom I did cause Jade over here is going to be my Maids of honor

::YM:: awe congrats honey ( hugs her )

::Jade:: ( hugs back ) thank you

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End of Ep 21


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