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Published on May 24, 2009

Welcome to the third and final volume of the Announced Moves compilations for Pokémon Battle Revolution! These had to be split into three videos due to YouTube's time restriction for videos. EDIT: There is one move that was overlooked and did not make it into this video: Razor Wind. Footage of that was recorded in a separate video - the link to it is farther down in the description.

All three of these compilations will display all of the moves that the announcer in the game makes some sort of comment about. He says some pretty interesting things about each move. Feel free to discuss any moves that you've never heard the opponent comment about, as well as your favorite ones!

The moves are in the order that they are in within Diamond/Pearl/Platinum's coding (or reverse order, depending on how you look at it). A majority of the moves were performed on random junk, event, or low-leveled, Pokémon found in different boxes of my Pearl game.

A lot of work went into recording and compiling this video, so please leave a Like if you enjoyed it! If you think you friends would like this, let them know about it as well! A number of fellow YouTubers helped me out with compiling, testing, etc. - they are thanked at the end of this video!

Thanks for watching, and enjoy!

Move transcription:
Aeroblast : "Blown away by Aeroblast!"
Curse (KO) : "Oh no! It couldn't escape the Curse!"
Nightmare (KO) : "Oh no! It went down before it could wake from its Nightmare!"
Struggle : "This is the only thing it can do!"
Substitute (initial use) : "The Substitute appeared!"
Substitute (attacked) : "It hit the Substitute!"
Rock Slide : "Rock Slide tumbles down!"
Explosion (KO) : "Annihilated by Explosion!"
Explosion (KO failure) : "It was an amazing attack, sacrificing itself like that, but it was the only one who went down!"
Splash : "..."
Transform : "___ Transformed!"
Sky Attack (initial use) : "___ became cloaked in blinding light!"
Sky Attack : "Sky Attack brings down havoc!"
Skull Bash (initial use) : "___ tucked in its head!"
Clamp (after-turn KO) : "Clamped up and taken down!"
Fire Blast : "Torched by Fire Blast!"
Selfdestruct : "Selfdestruct detonates!"
Confuse Ray (initial use) : "___ became confused!"
Confuse Ray (after-turn KO) : "Ouch! That was rather self-destructive!"
Psychic : "Hit by Psychic!"
Toxic (initial use) : "___ became badly poisoned!"
Toxic (poison KO) : "The damage from poison finished it!"
Dig : "___ burrowed its way underground!"
Fissure : "Fissure opens an abyss of destruction!"
Earthquake : "Earthquake tears open the ground!"
Thunder : "Thunder detonates with with boom!"
Thunderbolt : "Zapped by Thunderbolt!"
Fire Spin (after-turn KO) : "It's down... burned by the Fire Spin!"
SolarBeam (initial use) : "___ started absorbing the light!"
SolarBeam (KO) : "Seared by SolarBeam!"
Leech Seed (after-turn damage) : "___ had its health sapped by Leech Seed!"
Leech Seed (after-turn KO) : "It was sapped by Leech Seed and taken down!"
Seismic Toss : "Hurled by Seismic Toss!"
Counter : "Counter hits back!"
Drill Peck : "Nailed by Drill Peck!"
Hyper Beam : "Blasted by Hyper Beam!"
Blizzard : "A frigid shot from Blizzard!"
Ice Beam : "Ice Beam hits!"
Surf : "Soaked by Surf!"
Hydro Pump : "Swamped by Hydro Pump!"
Flamethrower : "Singed by Flamethower!"
Double-Edge : "Sliced apart by Double-Edge!"
Wrap (after-turn KO) : "Wrapped up and taken down!"
Body Slam : "A hard hit from Body Slam!"
Horn Drill : "Horn Drill impales its target!"
Mega Kick : "Mega Kick hits hard!"
Bind (after-turn KO) : "It's down! It couldn't get out of a Bind!"
Fly : "___ flies up high!"
Razor Wind [Not included in compilation - Go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-6c7...] : "A whirlwind is whipped up!"
Guillotine : "Guillotine does massive damage!"

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