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Published on Nov 27, 2011

Hello my fluffy puffy honeyberry gumdrops!
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This, is a make up tutorial for, how to look like a oriental (not neccesary japanese) fantasy and artistic inspired geisha doll. I dont mean to look like one of those beautiful geisha from kyoto, but I wanted to create "art". After all I love art and creating new things! ^^

Well, in this video im going to show you how to look like a Geisha Doll!
This fantasy oriental style is good for halloween or other costume events, if you want to change your face into something different and cool! It's not only cheap, but also really easy to do, and still looks interesting. It's definitely an eye-catcher!

Let's start!

We start by covering our face in white face paint colour! Begin by painting your forehead. To get an even texture, the strokes should be adjusted to the curves of your face.

Also cover your lips with the white face painting.

Depending on the face painting colour, you'll need to paint more than one layer.

Put some Baby Powder on a plate that isn't too flat. Then powder over the white mask. Use a towel to keep your clothes safe from the dust.

Using a black eyeliner, line your lower lash line. Where your eyebrows end, leave a space of a half inch and mark a point with your eyeliner. Then connect the outer end of your lash line with the point.

Line your upper lash line.

Open your eyes, and shape a curve around the inner corner. Close your eyes and connect the curve with the black lined lash line, to create a smoother shape.

Again, open your eyes but this time, draw a curve starting by the inner corner following the crease. The complete shape should look like this.

Fill the white part of your eyelid with red face painting colour. Line the space next to the black line too. The red line should be two times wider than the black line.
This gives the style an oriental touch.

For the lips, paint them smaller than they are in reality, and with a doll like upper lip.

Im going to apply false golden lashes, as my wig which i'm going to wear has got accessoiries whit golden features.

In japan during the Heian Era, they found that short eyebrows are a beauty appeal.
That's what we are going to create now with black face painting colour.

Mark two points: One where your eyebrow begins, and the other one where your eyebrow is leading downwards. If you're eyebrows are not curvy, you can just mark the centre with a point.
Connect those two points with two paralell lines. The shape should be thinner as it goes inside.

The wig is optional. Im going to wear a oriental style wig.


Thank you for watching, and I wish you a lot of fun trying out this look!




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Becky M
why are people not pointing out the blatant cultural appropriation going on here. Asian culture is not something you wear to a "costume party" ok
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You look so pretty without makeup :3
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That background music is not Japanese alright... it's Chinese-__-
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garrafa voadora
its ridiculous
goofy goofer
Pause at 5:09 thank me later
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I really like this! The wig really pulls it all together. 
Gaëlle Dupuis
Venus!! Why?!? Why you're pretty in everythings?!? <3 <3
Chelsea Smile
Pareces una choni.
Dolan Trump
i know what cosplay you can do without any effort... dress up as Chucky you already have the face, and are scary enough.
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