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Published on Mar 9, 2012

The leader of invisible children was on TV last night saying that they didn't need any more money. What charity should #TeamGamertag support in this year's charity drive?

Wow, people are fussing about this video and the cause. You're off base. They aren't asking for any more money. I'll agree that there are other bad guys in the world but is it possible to target anybody without that complaint? How about this, watch the entire video and suggest a charity that we should support. :)

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AplistosTheGod `
actually, i hav like 6, have you?
And the 2 weeks later the creator of the kony 2012 was arrested for beating on cars and masturbating in public bull crap video
not even Hitler would have done that
i hate when woodys vids get thumbs down
Thomas Torrissen
in 2005 he was not declared dead, he was assumed to either have died or gone into exile, it was a huge question and subject for debate! i didn't take a side cuz i was, well i was 9 yrs old! some weeks ago it was "confirmed" that he was still alive.i
Thomas Torrissen
what r u emplying? he is of no threat, but he's still alive. hiding in a ditch or a mudhole hut somewhere in some jungle or desert in some country! of course technically i miss-wrote, cuz there is no way to confirm if he's alive or not at this point. he can die anytime. but some months ago it was confirmed that he didn't die in 2005, where in the world he is, is still unknown. (some people are guessing he's hiding in the Uganda jungle, but i think he's left the country)
Thomas Torrissen
yes, we need FPS russia (Kyle Myers) to kill the guy who made the "Kony 2012" video. (the guy responsible would be the leader for: Invisible Children INC.)
Thomas Torrissen
kony didn't die in 2005, he in exile wen't in exile. he was long though of as dead, but a few months ago, it was confirmed that he's still alive. but kony is of no danger to nobody! this video is just a scam for him to make money! he makes millions on this video. his organization only gives 30% of it's earning to charity! and NOTHING goes to stopping kony, cuz there is no threat to stop!
How do people actually believe this shit? don't believe everything you hear -_-

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