Lies, Cheaters, and Love A Niley Story Episode 7





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Published on Jun 16, 2010

Joe: (shocked) Wow.
Demi: Was it really that bad?
Joe: What? No...it was amazing. (looks in her eyes)
Demi: (looks back into his) Thanks. (her phone starts blaring ridin solo by jason derulo)
Joe: (looks away) Interesting ringtone.
Demi: (sad he looked away but doesnt show it) Thanks? (answers her Phone) Hello
???: DEMI!
Demi: Miley? Whats wrong?
Miley: Have you seen Justin and Noah?
Demi: No...why?
Miley: I can't find then any where!
Demi: Ok. where are you?
Miley: By the---
Noah: (runs in the room) DEMI!
Demi: NOAH!
Miley: Noah?
Demi: Miley...shes here and shes fine (Justin walks in) and so is Justin.
Miley: Good. Have everyone come down for dinner.
Demi: K bye (hangs up) Justin...Noah...where were you? (hugs Noah then Justin.)
Justin: Oh sorry Noah wanted to go see the beach down the road and my phone died.
Demi: Oh ok. Well im just glad ur ok.
Noah: Demi what are you doing here?
Demi: I heard you wanted to come home. Why?
Noah: I dont like it here.
Demi: and why is that?
Noah: Cause I missed you.
Demi: I'm here now. How bout if I stay you stay?
Noah: Promise (puts out her pinky)
Demi: (links her picky with Noah's) Promise.
Joe: Hate to interrupt but we better get down in the lobby to meet up with the others for dinner.
Noah: But i dont wanna.
Justin: Noah...
Noah: NO! (starts crying; runs in her room; slams her door; cries on her bed)
Demi: I better...
Justin: No. I'll go talk to her. You guys go down and have dinner. Noah and I will eat here.
Joe: You sure?
Justin: Ya.
Demi: Ok. Well text me and let me know how is goes (hugs him and leaves with Joe)
Justin: (goes to Noah's room; sits next to her on the bed) Hey Noah. How you doing?
Noah: (looks at him; read eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks) I wanna go home.
Justin: I know.
Noah: Miley doesn't even care about us. Why are we hwere?
Justin: (puts her on his lap) Cause Miley wants us here so we can help and support here.
Noah: I dont care. All she cares abouwt is Nick and her famowusnewss.
Justin: I know Noah. What about Demi? Didn't you promise her as long as she was here you would stay?
Noah: So...we can bwing her wif us.
Justin: Come on Noah. How about we stay 2 more nights and then if you wanna go home we will. You and me and Miley can stay here.
Noah: Prowmise? (puts her pinky out)
Justin: (smiles) Promise (interlocks there fingers) How about some dinner.
Noah: Mac and Cheese!

Later on When Miley Gets back:
Miley: (walks in with Nick; sees Justin and Noah watching Little Mermaid; Noah with her head layed on Justins lap) Hey...
Justin: Hey...
Miley: We should talk...
Justin: Ya. (gets up; hes in his pajamas; walks into his room with Miley)
Miley: What happened tonight?
Justin: (tells her everything)
Miley: (tears in her eyes) Really? All because of me?
Justin: No....shes just not ready for this type of stuff yet, but I really don't think we should go tomorrow. I'll take her to the bech instead.
Miley: Ok. Um im tired so tell Nick im sorry im just tired. I'll see you all tomorrow morning.

The next day:

With Nick and Miley in the rehersal room and studio:

Nick: Ok I think I have your sing so far.
Miley: Ok....let me here it.
Nick: (begins playing his guitar; sings)

Feels right somehow.
the night is so still
So don't make a sound.
Cause its almost perfect,
So, baby, promise you"ll never look down.

cuz we've had our past, i know
just leave that behind.
Cause none of it lasts,
All that we have is tonight.

Cause you're not the only one,
Who's ever felt this way.
Don't let the world cave in,
Just tell me that you'll stay.

Now that the pain is done,
theres No need to be afraid.
We don't have time to waste,
Just tell me that you'll stay.

( sings the rest of the song)

Miley: Wow. thats amazing. But, it doesnt really make sense.
Nick: What doesnt?
Miley: Everything. Why did this have to happen like this. Noah loves going on trips a exploring places.
Nick: Well, maybe she just needs to know you love her and that you care for her.
Miley: maybe... just maybe.

1) What do you think Miley was thinking of?
2)Do you think Nick is right?
3) Do you like this series?


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