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Published on Jul 13, 2012

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This is the video that started it all! I've since made 2 sequels to this video, called 'Till Death Do Us Part' and 'Till Death Do Us Part Two', the latter of which won 'Best Drama' in Valve's Saxxy Awards in 2013!

To clarify, the 100 hours working on this included the time for planning, map/location scouting, posing, lighting, camera keyframing, and all the actual rendering (in maximum DoF and Motion Blur settings, in 30fps). It easily stacks up.

Inspired by Ubisoft's trailer for 'ZombiU' that premiered at E3 this year (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZbsXF...), I decided to create a similarly cinematic animation with the Team Fortress 2 characters facing off against zombies.

Final animation was rendered out in 512x DoF and 128x motion blur, in 1280x720 and 30fps.

For anyone wanting the high-res version of the camper van from 'Meet the Sniper' with working interior, you can download it here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a...

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I don't know how many times I have to say this. I created this ZombiU/TF2 crossover, as well as the Till Death Do Us Part videos. Nothing is stolen or copied, it's all been created by one person, intentionally set in the same series/Universe.
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Keen Folk
Lozeng3r can you make more zombie videos?
Lozeng3r It's Pretty Cool Dude
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Mister Chrodon
The hat probably started the whole damn thing.
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Mister Chrodon oh nvm
Mister Chrodon what hat
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Muu Too
0:25 But he's holding the knife backwards....
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Dalton Roller
All of you are dumb, it's the Sniper's Kukri
John Oven
Lord Shiroe *katana
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The ZombiU Trailer was quite depressing and sad seeing all those people in a freeze frame. But seeing my beloved TF2 Characters in the same situation, just sheds tears to my eyes.
same, especially when the demoman died, he's my favorite. I even cried when I watched till death do us part
Schmidt and Crocket Inc.
You know shit got real when Demopan dies to a zombie attack.
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Schmidt and Crocket Inc.
+weiner shnitzel Oh, really? *Fegel-Face, you drink a glass of alcohol*
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RoyalTiger Games
Ahhh... A British classic. God save the queen...
TheWolfHunter 36
RoyalTiger Games God save the queen yeah I'm British too
Equestira Girls Fan 94!
Makes me proud to be British!
Eric Konszky
Did demo really jump after his hat? I mean he is looking AND reaching for the hat while falling...
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EnioPlayer BR
or he was pushed by a zombie and his hat fell FIRST
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Nada de mais
Demoman try to save his hat?
Tio Sapa
Hu3 Hu3 Hu3...
joe laroche
+Yusa Sank then the anthem should be god save the hat 
Bob jr the third
and then everyone respawns
Bob jr the third arena?
black guy always die first i guess
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Captain Obvious
but the pyro was revived in "Till Death do us Part Two"
+Rain Tech The pyro could be black
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