A Nelena Story. Ep. 2. WORDS IN DESCRIPTION! "Not-so good start"





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Uploaded on Mar 18, 2009

*At Selena's house*

Selena: I really like Nick. But he just got over a break up. Dems, what should I do?

Demi: I know you love him, how can he not know it?
I think you should invite him to Pinkberry to tell him how you feel.

Sel: You really think I should? I don't know.

Demi: Yeah, Look, I have his number since me and Joe are dating. It's 574-0945

Sel: Ok. *Dialing number*

*Nick Picks up*

Nick: Hello? Nick speaking.

Selena: Hello, um..this is Selena, you know, the girl who rushed over to see if you were ok when you broke up with Miley?

Nick: Yeah, I rememeber you. You seem really nice.

Sel: You really think that? *whispers to Demi* He thinks I'm really nice!

Demi: Good start!

Sel: *clears throat* So, come to Pinkbery, ya know, the dance club? Meet me there at 10 tonight.

Nick: Ok. See you there!


Joe: Oooh, Nick's got a date...and not with Miley!

Kevin: I wonder how it's gonna turn out!

Joe: I was being sarcastic.

Kevin: Oh, sorry. I got caught up in the moment.

Nick: *laughs* Gosh, you guys. Do you think you can call Miley to tell her that I have a thing to do tonight? Cuz its..*looks at watch* 9 pm right now. I have to get ready.

Kevin: I will. I will always do anything for my bro.

Nick: Ok then. *walks up stairs and gets changed*

Joe: *bangs on the door* Nick! I didn't know you got back together with Miley!

Nick: Yeah, I did. You were there through the whole thing!

Joe: *barges through the door* Oh, why didn't ya tell me bro?

Nick: You were the one that told me to get back together with her.

Joe: Oh.

Nick: Ohmigosh, I have to go.


Sel: It's 10 30. Where could he be?

Nick: *opens entrance door* Oh, hey Shelf!

Sel: It's Selena. You can call me Sel for short.

Nick: *Sees Miley* Ok, Smoky Gomer.

Sel: It's Sel Gomez! *to herself,*: How can I like this guy? Oh, he sees miley.

Nick: Hey Miley! Come over here!

Sel: This was actually gonna be private. Just you and me.

Nick: Well my girl is over there. I need to include her ya know?

Sel: Yea, well. This didn't turn out the way I planned.

Nick: What do you mean?

Sel: I was gonna tell you how I feel.

Nick: You don't love me, Miley does.

Sel: Well the world doesn't just revolve around Miley.

Nick: In MY world it does.

Miley: *walks over* Hey Nicky poo! I missed you so much!

Nick: Hey Milez! Missed you too Buggy!

Sel: Nicky poo? Buggy? Oh, now is there gonna be any more jealousy coming tonight?

Nick: Jealously? So you really do like me. *kisses miley and then pushes her away*

Sel: Yes. Jealousy.

Miley: What was that all about?

Sel: I love Nick.

Nick&Miley: *gasp*

MIley: You cant! He's mine!

Nick: *Shoves Miley away again* Really......come over to the Chinese Diner tomorrow night.

Sel: Ok. *leaves*


Demi: So, how'd it go.

Sel: Not so good Dems. He got back together with that skinny skunk sack Miley.

Demi: He did what?

Sel: He did.

Demi: *calls up Joe* Joeykins? Tell Nick how Sel feels. Please Cuddly Bear? I love you! Thanks. Are we still having that "date" tomorrow? Oh great! I can't wait! Bye!

Sel: What'd he say?

Demi: He said that he'd barge into the bathroom while Nick is in the bath and drag him upstairs to tell him.

Sel: Perfecto! Ok, I'm getting tired. *yawn* I'm gonna call Nick one last time. *dials number*

Nick: *picks up phone* Miley, stop. I'm on the phone. Oh I know you want me to go get your ice cream , but I'm on the phone. *Finally talks to Selena* Hey Smokerz!

Sel: It's Selena for the 5th time! .......*awkward silence*

Nick: Look, if you ever want to come near me again, just come to the Chinese place across the street from Wal-Mart. Me and Miley have to get back to our "date". *Talks to Miley* Oh Miley. I love you.

Sel: Okay. Jerk.

Nick: What did you just call me?

Sel: A jerk. A big fat jerk. Because you don't understand what love is. I will once I date you.

Nick: Date me? Me and Miley will be together forever!

Sel: Alright..Nick! I love you!


What will Nick's reaction be?

What will Nick do to Miley or Selena?

Will Demi stay with Joe?



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