Lights {1} A Justin Bieber Love Story





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Published on Aug 30, 2012

Sierra walked on the hard, gray pavement as the nippy, night breeze encased her body on the buoyant July night in the Windy City. She tugged on the ends of her cardigan as she checked the time. Her facial features turned alert when she realized she only had seven minutes to make it on the platform, or the her train back home would leave without her. Her lean, tan legs had room to breathe underneath the jean shorts she was wearing, so she began to quicken her pace as her dark curls danced loosely in the wind.

She decided to spend the day in the city after spending about three hours persuading her father into letting her go. Her main interest in coming near downtown Chicago was the chance to go to the aquarium that was on the shoreline of the lake. It was one of the largest aquariums in the world; the Shedd. None of her friends were interested in walking around a building just to observe marine animals, no matter how much she tried to convince them to come. Sierra however, was fascinated with the underwater creatures and kept hopes of becoming a marine biologist in the future. She eyed the papers in the bag quickly before returning her milk chocolate irises back to the train station in front of her. Hope had entered her heart and eased the blood pounding through her body for a second, but it was no help when she encased her fingers around the MTA card, realizing she needed to fill money up from the transport machine.

Sierra spotted the MTA machine right outside the stairs that led up to the platform. The sky was already a deep, purple blue color; nightfall had draped the city and the lights had lit up behind her. She would be getting in trouble if she didn't make it home on time.

. . .

The honey colored pair of irises stared into the lenses of one more camera. When the flash went off, nothing but a small grain of sand compared to the city lights that surrounded them, the boy blinked long and hard and smiled at the girls that were surrounding him. Someone asked him if they could have a hug. "Yeah, of course," he flashed the attractive girl a smile before licking his lips and hugging the girl. When he pulled away, a soft vibration went off in the pocket of his jeans.

"I love you, Justin!" One of the sweet voices said.

The corner of the seventeen year old boy's lips tugged into a small smile. "I love you, too." He responded before reaching for his phone. He looked up at the circle of girls. "Alright, guys. I really have to go and take this. But it was a pleasure meeting all of you. Thank you for supporting me!" He smiled at them, blocking out the complaints he was getting as he taped the screen of his iPhone and picked up the call, walking away quickly down the street. "Hey, mom... yeah, I'll be there. Yeah, I just met some... I told them I was running late," he chuckled. "The train leaves in seven minutes, I can make it... yes... yeah my bags are packed. Alright, love you." Justin hung up the phone and let out a debilitated sigh.

He looked around and heard a few faint car horns. His mom and him came to Chicago to arrange a meet and greet with his fans and to also meet up with some of his mother's old friends. And, no. He wasn't famous. He just posted covers of him singing on YouTube and showed off his talent to the part of the world that wanted to see it. He was becoming known and it blew him away to know how many people supported him. Another smile formed on his lips. Chicago wasn't that bad of a city either. He preferred it over New York City. It was clean, well kept and beyond beautiful.

He saw the street sign of the road that the train station was on, but heard a few voices behind him. He turned his head around to see a fairly large group of girls following him. They hid behind a pole and some stopped and pretended to be doing something else to seem less obvious. Justin chuckled slightly. He wanted to stay and chat-- they were extremely beautiful. Who wouldn't? But he couldn't miss his ride. Turning around, he quickened his pace until his black supras were beating against the dark pavement. He heard them yelling in the back as he took a sharp turn on the corner.
This is a new story, if it weren't obvious. Justin isn't as famous in this as he is in real life. He's at the level that Austin Mahone is at, posting videos and just starting to be discovered. :)
I still need 8 comments to post the next Temporary Bliss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfVML4...


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