Beck & Jade: The Story of Us Chapter 7





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Published on Apr 28, 2012

Chapter 7

Jade: *speechless*
Beck: *hugs her* I love you Jade, Only you. You're the only girl I'd ever ask for.
Jade: Oh Beck *hugs back* I missed you so much.
Beck: *Grabs her cheek* Don't ever think that Tori can replace you. There's only one girl that can fit in my heart.
Jade: Who? *smiles*
Beck: You. ♥
Jade: *hugs him* And it's Toro. *giggles*
Cat: Aww. I'm Happy for You Beck.
Andre: I guess you didn't need our help, You just needed your heart to tell you what's making it beat fast *wink*
Beck: I missed you so much, I miss your kissable cheeks, Your tantalizing eyes, Your Beautiful Face.
Jade: Aww. ♥ *kisses him*
Beck: *kisses back*
Jade: *pulls away* I love you beck. I'm sorry i made things hard for you.
Beck: Nothings hard for me Jade, For You I'll do anything. I'll be your perfect guy.
Tori: *makes a vomit sign* Eww. How adorable *sarcastic laugh*
Cat: Or Maybe you're just jealous you don't have a guy that would stick with you.
Robbie: BURN.
Rex: -Ning Hot Mama.
Robbie: Seriously Rex?
Tori: I don't need a guy to make me happy. I'm Pretty dang hot you know?
Jade: You know what..
Beck: Jade.
Jade: People who are attracted to your pretty face or your nice body won't be by your side forever. But people who can see how beautiful your heart is will. But How can they when you don't even have a hea-gets cut off-
Tori: *slaps Jade* Don't you dare Jade West
Beck: *pushes tori to the ground* I don't care if your a girl Tori, Don't you ever try doing that again to Jade.
Tori: *throws Cat's foodtray* Whatever!
Cat: *sigh* I was going to eat that. Dang it.
Beck: *to jade* Are you ok? Are you hurt?
Jade: No..I'm fine Beck. *smiles* She doesn't slap hard.
Beck: *chuckles* *kisses her cheek*
Robbie: You know that girl has some guts doing that to Jade..I mean Jade is like the Queen of Scissors. She could get stabbed.
Andre: Don't give her an Idea Robbie.
Jade: Don't worry Andre, I won't kill her. *smiles*
Andre: Good, Cause you know I still..Might..Kinda..Maybe have a chance with her.
Beck: *shakes head*
Jade: I'm just going to torture her.
Andre: *kneels down* NOO! Don't please Jade I'm begging you. She's a Bi-Person but She still means something to me.
Jade: *helps Andre to stand up* Relax dude. I was kidding *Giggles*
Cat: My Brother stabbed me in the back with a fork.
Robbie: *moves away* Uh..

Comments • 16

Naomi Binks
plzzzzzzzzzz make it fast I am dying to read the next one!!!!
Naomi Binks
are you going to make another one. cause I can not stop reading them. there really good
Well not trying to be hateful person but tori is like perfect. Call me jealous but I don't care. Jade is mean but would you be mad if tori comes and kisses your bf and than steals your friend. Jade is soft in the inside it doesn't mean she's cold no she plays it. She wants to see who really cares about her. And tori is just annoying that's my opinion.
Pol Reem
And icalyfan221 red. Flag
Pol Reem
That is the worst by any needs video I've sen in my century
Taylor Michelle
If you hate victorious your stupid lol sorry
Rebecca Stafford
Next ep plz
Mark Nieman
Wtf why does everyone hate Tori???? I like Tori:-[
Grey Vincent
Yeah I know... I am extremely anxious to watch Tori Saves Beck And Jade... LOL And I know its not hard to believe, but I have developed a small crush on Beck.
Grey Vincent
Oh... I understand. Man BADE Forever... What was Dan thinking? Breaking them up? Thank god they get back together in Tori saves Beck and Jade.
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