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Uploaded on Apr 7, 2007

Cute, eh? Sadly, in Canada close to 300,000 poor, defenceless baby seal pups (most between
2-WEEKS and 3 months of age) are brutally murdered every year in the annual, government-sanctioned commercial seal hunt - all for the sake of fashion, vanity, politics, money and greed. Many are even skinned alive while conscious.

(What kind of heartless human being could even think of doing such a thing!?)

Polls consistently show that most Canadians oppose this 'hunt', but still the Canadian government and fishing industry refuse to end it.

This senseless killing MUST STOP NOW! Everyone with a soul & a heart knows that its extremely cruel, barbaric, unethical and inhumane. (Its just wrong on so many levels, and you know it!!)

These beautiful creatures have every right to live life and need all the help & support they can get.

For more details & to find out how to help please visit these websites:


btw for myths & facts about Canada's COMMERCIAL baby seal slaughter, go here:

p.s. Ignore all the trolls on here who are trying to justify/support it - this unnecessary BABY seal slaughter is UNJUSTIFIED - there are absolutely NO excuses for it whatsoever.

Some people may argue that its 'traditional'. Well ''tradition' is NO excuse for brutality, cruelty & suffering. Tradition does not automatically give a person a right to do something. In fact, tradition is NO good reason for ANYTHING! Slavery was once 'tradition' -wanna keep that fine tradition alive !?!

Some people might also argue that it provides 'jobs' for local communities. But this is another stupid, ignorant reason for allowing such barbaric and cruel slaughter of beings that are denied life just because somebody somewhere might want to wear their skin. In Nazi Germany, the construction of gas chambers & 'death camps' probably provided work for someone. The 'job excuse' is not a moral or sound reason for allowing the unneccessary slaughter, cruelty & suffering of hundreds of thousands of innocent, helpless living beings.

Clearly anyone who participates in this cruel, barbaric activity is a very sick, evil, twisted & sadistic individual who lacks any ethics & morals.

On top of that it is neither a 'hunt' nor a 'harvest' (seals are NOT fish, everyone knows that - do they look like fish to you !?! ) - its a cruel, unethical, inhumane, barbaric & unnecessary SLAUGHTER of totally helpless, defenceless & intelligent BABY marine MAMMALS for their FUR (understand that humans are biologically classified as 'mammals' too).

All that stuff about seals eating all the cod has been proven to be complete bullshit too & is another UNjustified reason. It is scientific fact that seals actually keep the ecosystem alive through what they eat & cod only accounts for about 3 % of their diet. The reason there's no cod left is simply because of OVERFISHING BY GREEDY HUMANS (and who says cod 'belongs' to humans anyway !?!). http://www.greenpeace.org/internation...

No need for any kind of 'cull' either (the planet is overpopulated with humans, does that mean we should 'cull' humans !?!). Nature tends to even things out on its own, and humans don't have the right to take away life just because they can or want to. Its already been a very bad year for the seals as it is - IFAW.org has predicted a 100% mortality rate for seal pups born this year (due to poor ice conditions from global warming, thousands have already drowned or died immediately after birth). They need to be PROTECTED - *not* exterminated!

BTW - Despite what some ignorant folk on here may say, yes it IS a slaughter of defenseless & helpless BABY seals. As soon as they begin to shed their fluffy white coat — as young as 12 DAYS old — these BABY seals can be 'legally' hunted by sealers (and just because its 'legal' it doesn't make it morally/ethically 'right' either).

In fact most of the seals killed are only 2-WEEKS to 3 months old; 97 percent of the seals killed over the past three years have been LESS than 3 months old with the majority being JUST a FEW WEEKS old i.e THEY'RE BABIES!

At the time of slaughter, many of these pups have not yet eaten their first solid meal or taken their first swim.

Sealers (the seal killers) prefer to kill BABY seals because their skins are in "prime" condition and fetch the highest prices.

Here's a rather appropriate quote from Gandhi:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how well its animals are treated."- Mahatma Gandhi


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