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Published on May 7, 2012

This video continues the May 20 through May 24 NWO ritual concerns regarding Chicago and now, Denver, CO as part of two false flag sacrificial cities being offered to honor the Queen of England.

After study of known Chicago and Denver facts, I was able to observe a clever NWO deception that caught my eye. That deception was to make the world think that the NWO elites were in Denver, when in fact they would not be there at all, they would be in a Bush secret bunker, unknown to the general public, in a secret location that I discovered back when I was researching the Arizona Shooting spree ritual, and the BP Oil disaster ritual.

May 20th is a key date to the Mayans, but during the annular solar eclipse, at max eclipse when the shadow is directly over GCN 11133, the Big Red X in the Pacific at 23:45 UT which adds to 7 will be, I feel, the exact trigger point for the ritual opening on May 20 for Chicago and perhaps even Denver.

While I feel May 20th will open with an event in Chicago, my previous ritual findings show that May 21, May23 and May 24 are dates that are coded for ritual offerings.

The ritual timing of the solar max begin over GCN 11133 is very key, because I have also discovered that this Big Red X is on a multiple ancient ley line "node" and this to me proves that ancient ley lines are being used to transfer and move energy around the planet using ancient ley lines to do so.

Since the alignment over GCN 11133 at max eclipse is directly over this multiple ancient ley line node, such a finding reminded me that I had already years ago found this spot by linking the ritual pentagrams from all previous rituals that I had been researching over the many years

In effect, I connected the dots and learned that a ritual was being performed on a planetary basis.

GCN 11133 while linked to the solar max and now that we know it is also on multiple ancient ley lines should alert us to how the dark energy is able to move around the planet.

London Stadium, the site for the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics on August 12, 2012 is also on multiple ancient ley lines and this once again shows us the means and method by which the demons or the evil dark energy is assisted in moving from place to place to capture the sacrificial victims energy or souls that such human sacrifices will create for such dark energy entities.

Denver International Airport is in my opinion a clever cover story for keeping secret the coming and goings of all NWO elite members who fly into Denver to attend the special ritual to honor the Queen.

Thousands of Russian troops are being used to control runways and to protect the secrets of who attends this special ritual offering.

Denver along with Chicago are both linked ritually and the Big Red X is part of that linkage. I have presented old material from my body of work to help in showing this linkage.

Chicago is I believe timed to an event set for May 20th at solar max and Denver while a part of this ritual offering serves as a clever distraction to make the world think that the elites are in Denver, when in fact they will be in a Bush secret bunker in Grand Island, Nebraska when events unfold for the public and the world.

Chicago is spelled with a C which is the 3rd letter of the alphabet and Denver is spelled with a D which is the 4th letter of the alphabet and so 3+4=7.

Chicago is spelled with 7 letters and Denver is spelled with 6 letters. 7+6=13.

It is small reasons added to my ritual linkage that makes me think that Chicago and Denver are both sacrificial cities and so that means this time, any 911 type incident will be much worse than anyone has seen to date because they are not just destroying buildings for insurance, they are destroying two entire American cities to honor a ritual offering to the Queen.

Such an incident is needed to justify many actions, but such a false flag on two American cities could be used to start a World War, so we must be alert to what type of event the NWO uses on both Chicago and Denver to create the havoc and devastation that they need to hide their ritual offerings to the Queen of England.

I will continue report as updates become available to report about.


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