Another Camp Rock Story- A Jonas Fanfic- Season 1- Episode 1





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Uploaded on Aug 14, 2008


Hi everyone! This is our first series, so hope you like it! It's about JB, Demi and other character and their lives, so just imagine!! And we really appreciate any suggestion from you guys!! Enjoy!

Another Camp Rock Story
Season 1- Episode 1

Jonas Brothers
Demi Lovato
Selena Gomez
and Alyson Stoner

I don't feel like writing Selena,(It's too long) so i'll write Sel

Demi and Sel are at Demì's house watching movies.

*phone rings*
Demi: I`ll get it! *picks up phone* Hi! This is Demi Lovato, how can I help you?
person: Ms. Lovato, it's my pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to play Mitchie's role on Camp Rock. Fimling will start in 2 days.
Demi: Yay! Thanks!! *hangs up*
Sel: *face covered up with a blanket* Who called??
Demi: First, tell me why are you all covered up?
Sel: Cause I'm scared!!! I'll never watch "The Exorcism Of Emily Rose" again! NEVER EVER!!!
Demi: Haha! Told ya!!! Ok, guess who's playing Mitchie on Camp Rock?
Sel: Rihanna?
Demi: Me!! Isn't it great?!
Sel. Yay! It's awesome!!
*both happy dancing*
*phone rings again*
Sel: I'll get it now
Demi: K.
Sel: Hey! It's Sel! Can I help you?
guy: Hey, it's Joe Jonas! Can I talk to Demi?
Sel: OMG!!! OMG!!!! *screaming* It's Joe Jonas!!!
Demi: *grabs phone* Hi Joe!
Joe: Hi Demi! How's it goin'?
Demi: Guess you heard the big news, huh?
Joe: Big news?
Demi: Yeah, I didn't get the role for Mitchie..
Joe: WHAT?!
Demi: Just Kidding! I got it!
Joe: Good thing, cause I almost got a heart attack when you told me that! Oh, by the way, we're gonna east dinner at Planet Hollywood at 9:00, wanna come? Sel is also invited
Demi: Sure!
Joe: We'll pick you up at 8:45
Demi: We'll?
Joe: Yes, my brothers and I!
Demi: Ok, see ya! *hangs up* They'll pick us up at 8:45 *looks at watch* It's 8:10!!! Let's get ready!!
Sel: They'll?.. Oh no... I'm gonna meet the Jonas Brothers!!!!!! I can't believe it! Pinch me!!
Demi: *pinches Sel*
Sel: Hey! That hurts!
Demi: So, be careful with what you say!! Ok, now hurry up or we will not be ready!!!!

*35 minutes later*
*doorbell rings*
Sel: It must be them!
Demi: Can you go? I'm not ready
Sel: Sure!
Demi: And, remeber, act cool!
Sel: K. [Thinking. Act cool, act cool, I'm gonna meet the Jonas Brothers!! Act cool...] *Opens door* Hey! I'm Sel! Wanna come in?
JB: Sure! *enter house*
Kevin: Wow, this place is really cool!
Sel: Yeah, Demi's got a great style...
Nick: [Thinking to himself: Wow, she's pretty]
Demi: *walks downstairs* Sorry to keep you waiting guys!
Joe: Wow
Nick: *whispers to Joe* Shh! She heard ya!
Demi: *Smiles at Joe* Let's go!

*At Planet Hollywood*
Joe: I hope you don't mind, but I invited someone...
Sel: It's cool!
Demi: Yeah, we can meet more friends!
girl: Guess who?!
Sel: Alyson!! It's great you are here!
Demi: Please tell me you are gonna be in Camp Rock!
Alyson: Yes!!
Demi, Sel & Alyson: *happy dancing* Yay!! *laughing*
Joe: Hey Alyson! I didn't know you were coming!
Alyson: Yeah, I just thought of spending some time hangin' around...
Demi: But, didn't Joe invite you?
Alyson: No, he didn't! *sticks tounge at Joe*
Joe: Sorry?...
Kevin: You guys know each other?
Sel: We are like bff!
Alyson: More like sisters! *laughs*
Nick: Let's go to the table, cause I'm getting hungry!!
Demi: But Alyson, if Joe didn`t invite you, then, who's that girl over there?
Alyson: Where?
Sel: At our table!!

♥Demi and Ash♥

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