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Published on Sep 6, 2009

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Pawel Gajewski
South tower. Evacuated via staircase. On 36 floor met an army of NYFD running upstairs. I thought 36 floors up and still many to go up. I helped a few carying bottles and breathing equipment. Ten stories above I said goodbyes and left them as I carried on with my descent. Remember their breathing and ret sweated faces. My age. I left the building. 10 minutes later lower Manhattan was just a cloud of dust , heat and pain. I relive their last minutes all the time. My life for theirs. Unfair trade.
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Brennans experiments and stuff
Ah this boy is only a teen, we all go through that rebellious phase where we think we know it all...the fact is with history is that it is not just limited to the historians,,,but s about all of us, how we live now will be looked upon by the children of the future, that is why we must be encouraged to tell our stories so that the next generation shall have another day like this, history is relative to all of us and with that being said I believe you, i remember in 2000 I was given the chance to either go toi florida disneyland or to see the world trade centre in New York and my father said "thee world trade centre will still be there when we go next, am I right or am I right" 9/11 happened on his birthday, I remember I stayed at home in the morning and watched the second plane hit...it was awful, the screams and the motor just haunts me till this day...in school I did'nt do any work because I was in a flood of tears...I also found out on the official 9/11 death list that 5 relatives on my dads side passed away...all in the south tower...two of them were FDNY firefighters, I've always said that soldiers prepare for combat with training and what not...but this, this was not war...this was evil and those brave service personal who had no preparation for this still remain to be the greatest heroes in my books, I pray that you are well over the trauma now my friend, and actually I think you're brave in telling your story. Let us pray to god that such evil shall happen again and let the new tower start a new pinnacle that the coalition shall not,will not and can not bow our heads to these scum, we will rebuild in our hope that the dream of an equal world may come true, anyway take care Pawel
Pawel Gajewski
+Pawel Gajewski to sum it up. I have written a very short comment that just described one tiny element of my whole story and you are dissecting it as if you've read a highly inaccurate book about them events. Makes me feel as if You were a squeeker who's a WTC fanboy being jealous fir not being there yourself .End of story. Maybe I'll send you some tickets that will prove You wrong. Take care
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The people that jumped, fell, or were pushed out (accidentally) from the top of the towers are the images that I can't and have never gotten out of my head, even all these years later. It leaves me speechless to think about what they had to go through. The unbearable heat, suffocating smoke. Could you imagine hanging out of a window that high up? I was on the 4th level of a parking garage the other day and I looked down at the ground from there and thought to myself that even that looks terrifying to jump from, and that was 100+ less floors than what they did. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that these people were fine, perfectly healthy individuals falling through the air one second, and the next second their bodies were crushed into unrecognizable chunks. Just put yourself in their situation, falling, you see the ground coming closer and closer and you know you are about to die, it is likely a level of fear most people will never have to know. But you could not of asked for a better theme for a movie than this piece. Whenever I listen to this, it brings me back to the enormity of that day and what occurred and what we lost. 
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Robert Kelly
Zdawg1029 Fuck u on about you lunatic they commit sucide rather then burn alive no conspiracy behind 9/11 other then Islamic Terrorism.
Lisandro Posse
Yeah, still think all skyscrapers should have safety parachutes...
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Christian Minaya
A teacher of mine, his wife sadly died in the twin towers... When we toke a moment of silence for the loss of the people on 911, he started crying.. We didn't know what was wrong. We asked and he said this "My wife. She... She died on 911, she was on the 99th floor... The last words she said to me was "I love you John". And the phone hang up" My entire class, friends everyone were speechless... Not knowing what to say, we walked to him and just hugged him. Sad thing was, he was gonna surprise her with a new car.. She never got to see it. It still gives me the chills to think about it
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Nicole Didsbury
Christian Minaya Send him lots of love from me xx
Christian Minaya
+Diamond Pleasure I will...
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R.I.P To all the people that died 14 years ago.
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walter henostroza
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Never forget 9/11. RIP from the UK.
Same here x
Matthew Jay Evans
15 years ago, we faced the darkest day in history. Thank you to all the firefighters, police officers, and rescue personnel who sacrificed their lives that day to save as many people as they could. May God take care of you all in Heaven forever. Amen.
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Tru Gaming02
Matthew Jay Evans I think the darkest days was in the last century were there was wars
Xinless Vice
Matthew Jay Evans can't believe it's been almost 20 years. shit. it's like I was thier yesterday.
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Isaiah Ling
Only a year old when this happened, I'm now almost 15, god how time fly's..........R.I.P the victims of 9/11 and god bless their families. From your neighbours up north.
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+Isaiah Ling I was seven years old when this happened. I can remember the day. It was six or seven o.clock p.m. at us in Austria. I and my Family sat in the living room and watched tv and suddenly there came the breaking News. We watched it four hours. That was one of the saddest days in my life. R.I.P all the victims of 9/11 and god bless all their families and their friends
+Isaiah Ling I was 10, a couple days from turning 11 when during this day and looking back at 25 it's hard to believe how fast the years have gone by. It's been a decade and a half, almost. Remember the 1st anniversary like it was yesterday going into 7th grade.
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Every time I listen to this, it just...makes me cry... 😢
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+GreatWhiteSharkComedian2001 AUTTP VGCP You're from the VGCP?
GhostbustersFanatic2001 AUTTP
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NY builder
i still can see the twins
Dylan B
I still can I wasn't alive then but it still upsets me I can see them.... In my heart
+NY builder You got a timemachine? o.O
It's been 13 years since I last saw the World Trade Center get hit by those planes and fell, yet again I still remember it as if it had happened yesterday..... ( crying ). I was five years old. I still remember seeing the buildings leaking smoke. I join the Marines in March. I will continue to do what I swore to do. Fight for those 3,000+ lives. I will do my part. I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything that day. I wanted to so bad. I cry everytime I think about it. Thinking about how I was useless, unable to do anything, to try to save their lives...
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