K_RAY_Z ... ? CRAZY ? Z_YAR_K ? (or) G n a r l s _ B a r k l e y - REMIX REMASTERED "really" Crazy ?




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Published on Mar 2, 2010

Silence (& sense) rules for just 28 "Seconds" ((( & ))) & then U2 - will become K_RAY_Z

As (well)- this is: ??? K_RAY_Z
But - could also be called just a CRAZY ? Z_YAR_K ? or K-K_z_r-r_y-A-A-a...?
Yes- it's a K_RAY_Z rendition ( of Crazy ) being as it is- well- simply: CRAZY.

Plus: It's also a Multi_Echoed AND Inverted & thus a "SOMEWHAT" Ultra-Delayed utterly scrambled:
K_RAY_Z (Analogue) "Remaster" ... or is it "just".?

A realy daRned good TRANSFORMATIVENESS "parody".

Oh & yes: (later - at the VERY end)
U really will need this LAST 28secs
2 STOP (the "SPINNING" cogs - within Ur brain)
When I was oh_so YOUNG
I was O_SEW Beautifull
With a FULL HEAD of:
Lovely BROWN "orange" HAIR
Then 1 day something "puzzled_me" & Like an angry MUM:
I shook my (baby) "head".

OH- whata (silly)
Yep- "thing" to do ...as ? (well). It became a bit of a HABIT "-UC-"

As the years have gone ON-
I'v kept SHAKING my head
((( ```Harder & Harder```)))
I'm getting OLD now & turning
purple skinned (with) GREY_HAIR
(as I fade away - still shaking my HEAD)
LOOK- it's this K_RAY_Z "remaster" ?

600 secs - Triple "DUAL-TWIN" Quad_Mix:
I remember when U lost my mind. Doesn't THAT 'make' Us all CRAZY.wav

Now (?) isn't that truely:
hahaha - I luv it. ----˙ʇı ʌnl ı ɐɥɐɥɐɥ
And TAGS (tags) .? I just lurv "tags".
Especially AS./ I write them: "AS A COMPLETELY READABLE STORY"
Check it out.. READ- don't just click- the (full) "tags" story.. .

This NEW WORK is a complete (& complex) "derivative" works- fully allowed under ALL INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT CONVENTIONS..
Via the fair use LAW of creating completely new work (even if the entire content of an original work is used in it's material creation) as: THIS "new work" IS NOT A COPY.
It is a fully LEGAL use (under all copyright conventions worldwide AND upheld many times- via lessor "complex" Supreme Court Cases- in the USA & elsewhere)- since before time began "almost"- as even Aristotle "called" another the inventor of Parody.
A Parody in musical terms: IS NOT always defined as a derogatory work, as most often it enhances, exemplifies & even "honours" any original work "used' in the NEW CREATION by deliberately communicating a new idea, or an "old_UNKNOWN_idea"- sometimes even just in a simple way- such as to to "express" the NEW WORKS creative conseptual artwork in a new light- just by re_using the "content marterial" of an original work of another artist (which is used for & used as just a "base_material" for the NEW WORK as I have done here)

Dispute Status: Submitted
User Name: QUIX4U
Video ID: KsOvttls7Bs

This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.

(Re: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfor... )

Signature: Keith Clare

Statement of Good Faith
I have a good faith belief that the material was disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification, and that I am not intentionally abusing this dispute process.

(Note 1): The form_feild Google "uses" HAS automatically inserted a (wrong) "I swear" statement :
By deleting the more truthfull statement- that I (actually) put there.
Re: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody
("Weird Al" Yankovic- a successful parody artist)
I wrote this statement:

Wow.! I wonder if BIG Al - had this much trouble when HE "started" to show people his versions of PARODY - when starting his professional career.?
And I doing this- to more "complex" degrees via:
& All I get- is this:
2 likes, 3 dislikes.
& AN INCORRECT ASSUMPTION that my (new) artwork COULD EVER BE DEFINED AS A MERE COPY of: Artist: Gnarls Barkley - AS U CANNOT BUY MY COMPLETELY different work.! via "Crazy" on: iTunes

NOWHERE can anyone ever BUY this (period).
I manufacture my (own) 1965 invention, perfected, tested AND (for over 45years) have installed these via my own Electrical Registration CONTRACTUAL "after market" add-on (sound) installations
I sell a "physical" MUSICAL_INSTRUMENT & am NOT sufficiently brilliant to be able to "send" a 3D physical_form object, much less ?
When the ONLY "transportation" method is via data packets on single telephone circuits; when the WIRE "used" within the BOX- is itself:
10x or 20x LARGER in wire_gauge size than tiny telephone wires.
Thus YOU cannot buy this "song"- NOR DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT from anywhere on the internet. "Period".


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