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Published on Dec 20, 2011

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I'm an ISFJ, but I am definitely an analyzer! You were 100% right with the building up emotions, though. The thing about ISFJ's is that they work really hard "behind the scenes" for others, and they just want to be a little appreciated for the things they do. If they don't get the appreciation they desire they will take it really personally and feel like a wreck. In my case, anyway. OH, and in relationships it's hard for us to speak our mind, because we don't want to affect the relationship.
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You are not an INTJ. Lmao.
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If you're an INTJ, then Santa Claus is the head of the NRA.
Hana Tenshi
Hi! I'm an ISFJ and I actually do analyze things... like a lot without realizing it lol. But you were right about everything else, especially the part about bottling emotions. I only do it because I don't want to cause conflict, but then eventually that turns into an explosion of all past and present frustrations... :/ However, it takes years for something like that to happen, so yeah I really tolerate a lot heh. 
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Maica Andrea
It would be good if you did research into cognitive functions instead of going off based the superficial I vs E, N vs S, etc. system. That does not really give a substantial understanding of the types and can lead to a lot of misinformation.
Ben -
Watch this video if you want to be misinformed :)
Matt Thomsen
Oh god, you really don't understand Meyer Briggs at all. You are NOT an INTJ, you're probably an ISFX.
ISFJs do analyze a lot because they use the Ti function.
I am an ISFJ .. and I always analyze things breaking down to details ... sometimes to the point of over thinking. I love logic and other problem solving thingies. 
Cooper Smith
MBTI isn't the best method for personality type. You need to look at functions. Here are the functions: 1.) Fi- Introverted Feeling. This is your moral compass. It's about what you feel is right or wrong- basically your moral compass. It's also sympathy rather than empathy, where you kind of mold your feelings to match someone else's. 2.) Fe- Extroverted Feeling. This is people- oriented morality. It's about what's socially acceptable and feeling out what's best in the moment. It's also empathy rather than sympathy. It's kind of where you know how others feel and can sense it, but you don't really care. 3.) Ti- Intorverted Thinking. This is subjective logic, it's about what makes sense to you rather than what there's definitive evidence for. 4.) Te- Extroverted Thinking- This is objective logic, all about facts that you definitely know are true. It also strives to make goals a reality. 5.) Si- Introverted Sensing- This is about looking to the past. Si users are very nostalgic and Si- dominant types (ISFJ and ISTJ) as well as Si auxilary types (ESFJ and ESTJ) are typically very conservative. Types that don't have Si or have low Si are more likely to be liberal, although in the past strong Se- Fe users were conservative because everyone around them was conservative and they had no Ne and little Ni. 6.) Se- Extroverted Sensing- This is all about the present moment and what's there in front of you. Se- dom/ auxilary types (ESTP, ESFP are Se dom, ISTP, ISFP use Se as an auxilary, or second, function) are very observant. They're also typically athletic because they're observant and in the moment. Se is also all about aggression and getting all up in your face. Si- users who have little to no Se may perceive Se users as being too blunt or mean. 7.) Ni- Introverted iNtuition- Ni, unlike Si, looks to the future. Ni dom/ auxilary types plan things out a lot. (Like INTJs and INFJs, who are Ni dom, and ENTJs and ENFJs, who are Ne auxilary). Ni is also about understanding principles and questioning everything, especially tradition, which is the realm of Si. Si users and Ni users often butt heads. Strong Ni users are almost always liberal. 8.) Ne- Extroverted iNtuition- This is about being very creative and what's not there in the present moment, but could be. It's all about possibilities right now. ENFPs, ENTPs, INTPs and INFPs are always generating ideas and theories about EVERYTHING, in contrast to Ni users who have less ideas and theories, but the ideas and theories they do have are typically awesome ones. (NPs are always coming up with impulsive ideas like starting a restaraunt where all the food served is fruit or something. It's funny, but not as future or goal oriented as Ni. The Functions And Their Order of Each Type: 1.) INTP Dominant: Ti Auxilary: Ne Tertiary: Si Inferior: Fe Einstein was INTP. 2.) INFP Fi Ne Si Te Shakespeare was INFP 3.) ENFP Ne Fi Te Si Ringo Starr is ENFP. 4.) ENTP Ne Ti Fe Si Brendon Urie is an ENTP. So is Pete Wentz. 5.) INTJ Ni Te Fi Se Isaac Newton was INTJ. 6.) ENTJ Te Ni Se Fi John Lennon was ENTJ. 7.) INFJ Ni Fe Ti Se George Harrison was INFJ. 8.) ENFJ Fe Ni Se Ti That popular but still really smart and philosophical kid at school is ENFJ. 9.) ISTP Ti Se Ni Fe Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games is a good example of a fictional ISTP. 10.) ESTP Se Ti Fe Ni Popular jocks who get in trouble a lot and are rebellious are often ESTPs. Not all ESTPs are like this though. Look at their functions, not letters or stereotypes. 11.) ISFP Fi Se Ni Te Paul McCartney is ISFP. 12.) ESFP Se Fi Te Ni Marilyn Monroe was ESFP. 13.) ISTJ Si Te Fi Ne That extremely conservative Mom or Dad you/ your friend has who thinks any change whatsoever will destroy humanity and keeps pressuring his/her son to be a 'real man' and tells his/her daughter to wear skirts all the time is ISTJ. 14.) ISFJ Si Fe Ti Ne Imagine that same conservative parent, but friendlier to people, and a little more emotionally expressive. 15.) ESTJ Te Si Ne Fi Imagine the conservative parent as a workaholic as well who wishes we were still in the Dark Ages and enjoys debating about politics, but makes futile points that only make sense to other SJs. Like the slippery slope fallacy. George W. Bush is ESTJ. Most Republicans are ESTJ. 16.) ESFJ Fe Si Ne Ti The most popular girl in school. That's who most ESFJs are. Some are ok, but usually only if they're poor or LGBT because then the popular kids won't want to hang with them. The letters for a type do nothing but indicate their functions. MBTI screwed up the correct theory, which is Carl Jung's theory about the functions. So you should look into that instead. Also, in Jung's typology, Introvert= Someone who is internally focused mostly on themselves and their thoughts and ideas, who may not necessarily be shy or quiet. Extrovert= Someone who is externally focused, not necessarily on others but on the outside world and experiences. I also have a theory that there are Ambiverts, with more balanced functions, who are internally and externally focused. Here's an example: ANTJ Dominant: Ni- Te Inferior: Se- Fi Ni and Te are developed early, Se and Fi later in life and those functions are more balanced. The same pattern continues for the other ambiverted types. 
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