Palestinians celebrating the fall of the twin towers on 911





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Published on Jul 25, 2006

Palestinians celebrating the fall of the twin towers..

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Tib Gr
All of you who don't question "What are they celebrating?" is a brainwashed puppet who believe everything they see on TV. Its misleading and promotes hate... peace and love
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Mister PDP
"Everyone that disagrees with my is a shill or fake news"
Samuel Iam
SNOPES???? REALLY! That's like citing the Mossad's 'Wikipedia' or CNN as a 'credible source'. Use credible sources, else you look like a fool.
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Comptown SurSide
Fuck the Palestines, so glad that Israel bomb the shit out of them, God Bless America and Israel
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Missge Burt
this video was faked by americans to spread hate between the nations. fuck americans, they make war all over the world and are ignorant pieces of shit. even the sentence "god bless america" is the biggest joke ever. why he should bless america and not even the other countrys? why he should bless a stolen country? why he should bless a country dictated by criminals? god dont even exist by the way, hahaha. stupid murricans :D.
The Illuminati
+Anne McKenzie The fuck? I don't even follow "kabbalah" shit
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ashish singh
Even in India Muslims were distributing sweets. I saw with my own eyes.
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Yusuf Ismail
fuck off indians hindu liars...you are all agressors...saw with my own eyes...you mean with your ass...
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Trump claims that was New Jersey.
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+VD Peruvian Put up or shut up. Show the proof dick licking worm.
+PacificCircle1 that was before I did more digging for around, fucking asswipe.
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It's okey If I would like to punch the woman in 0:05??
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Aaron Sochaczewski
+Marty Squire No doubt that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are hurting their own people. But in Gaza, as throughout the Muslim world they hate America because it's a strong Democratic country that spreads "anti-Islam (I.e. Democratic) values" to the rest of the world and thus undermining thier Da'wah, (obligation to return the world to Islam) used in conquering the world for Islam. Nothing To Do With Israel.
Marty Squire
+Jared Studelska So, Regardless of ur politics, you still can't accept that there would have been Palestinians 'celebrating' an effective attack on the people they believe are Israels biggest backers and allies? The people they believe are responsible for their unhappiness? I can't imagine why they wouldn't be elated that the US was getting a taste of their misery. I feel sad for shitty state the average Gaza resident finds themselves in. Cos, rightly or wrongly when the IDF decides to drop the hammer on Hamas, its not the higher ups in Hamas that bear the brunt of the bombs. The elite know where the tunnels are to lay low in, while the average Mo on the street who had the bad luck to be born there gets the 500pound news from the IDF. But, as soon as a ceasefire is imposed those fearless pious heads of Hamas suddenly appear, driving around the strip in jeeps, executing 'collaborators' gleefully.
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DONALD TRUMP WAS RIGHT about Palestinians celebrating 9/11 the fall of the twin towers ,   CNN   LIES  AS USUAL.
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+Anita Bruckner k
Anita Bruckner
Say HI to Tel Aviv for me. I have to go and I dont have time for you. It s a waste of my time.
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Dingle Barry
Talk about propaganda! They're celebrating a wedding! This isn't the way people celebrate after an attack (people gloat and yell in anger). People will believe the most ridiculous shit if the government tells them it's true. I can't believe they're are still people out their that believe the governments version of 9/11. Just use a little common sense people.   
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no no
^ Gotta disagree with you there. British Tabloid journalism is some of the most corrupt journalism i've ever seen. Not to mention the BBC, which is a literal, government controlled and funded news agency. Then there are the Guardian and the Independent, who are about as ethical as Huffington Post when it comes to the truth. In reality, no media outlet can really be trusted, individual journalists that you find on youtube are probably more reliable. At least they can face internet scrutiny rather than just shutting down their article's comment sections.
Marty Squire
+qjuantum well, I live in the western world where we get a lot more media variety than Americans and our journalists have a similar moral ethic towards thier work that doctors have to thier work. In the rest of the (non-us) anglophone world journalists and content editors take reporting the things they see and hear themselves as truthfully and accurately as possible, and consider themselves ethically obliged to do so. I don't know about corrupt america, but there's no secret group of (only an american would suggest this*sigh*) Jewish controllers deciding what the news is. And I mean, the most anti-muslim news channels in the US is fox news, which has an extremely white Anglo-saxen christian agenda. Its just lazy ignorant thinking to suspect that there's a bunch of rich Jews deciding the news. Its so last century...
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And everyone hate Israel... For nothing. Brainwashed people.
the famous religion of peace :)
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Marty Squire
+Ahmad Nusserat Palestinians are Jews? Hmmmm..? Modern Palestinians (Christian or Muslim)assert that they descend from the ancient Philistines, the people who settled on the coast of the Levant (also called the sea peoples, Phoenicians and Peleset) whereas Jews trace thier lineage to the pastoral nomads who settled the highlands of Judaea during and after the collapse of the high material, walled city cultures of the Canaanites. So, I think you'd have a hard time finding a Jewish Palestinian. But, good luck.
+Ahmad Nusserat but people celebrating this attack are muslims retard
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C Gardner
Palestinians are subhuman vermin
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Anne McKenzie
+C Gardner Not just Palestinians but all non-Jews right you Jewish fundamentalist hater?  Us Gentiles are not sub-humans set on this planet to serve you Jews. Get it through your hating little fucked up head.  (Disclaimer;  I do not believe all Jews feel the way this moron does but all Jews will greatly effected should a WWIII be allowed to play out.  All Jews, Christians, Muslims, and the rest of humanity will suffer greatly unless we wake up!)
Mike Henderson
+C Gardner That is a prejudice and ignorant statement...you don't know everyone on earth, so to generalize and lower anyone based on race or geography would be inaccurate. I'm sure there were plenty of people outside of the US who were saddened by this tragedy, and anyone who thinks this destruction was necessary is going to hell when they die. No god is worth this.
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