1. MSNBC: Romney, Trump, Gingrich and Alan West 'downright racially insensitive'

  2. Paul Ryan to Brit Hume: 'I don't want to get wonky on you'

  3. Romney: 'Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago'

  4. High School girl volunteering for Romney/Ryan. . . even though she's too young to vote in November

  5. Biden in Virginia: 'With you, we can win North Carolina again'

  6. Biden: Romney is going to put y'all back in chains

  7. Mitt Romney introduces running mate as "the next president of the United States"

  8. top down

  9. Rachel Maddow: Romney welfare ad 'obvious dog-whistle racism'

  10. Bill Burton gets blitzed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer

  11. Chris Matthews features Phil Klein

  12. Colorado crowd to Ryan: "Look no teleprompter!"

  13. Stephanie Cutter: Controversy over Biden 'chains' comment is 'faux outrage'

  14. MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell: Paul Ryan 'not a pick for women'

  15. Chuck Todd: Three sources say Romney will pick Paul Ryan

  16. Romney: Supreme Court says Obama raised taxes

  17. Romney: Chick-fil-a controversy not part of my campaign

  18. Michelle Obama fired up on the trail

  19. MSNBC: Conservatives should eat Chick-fil-A every day so they will appreciate Obamacare

  20. Joe Soptic, the man blaming Romney for wife's death refused buyout

  21. White House disses Drudge

  22. Dana Perino endorses Morning Jolt on Fox News program 'The Five'

  23. Obama: Roads and bridges plan will grow our economy

  24. President Obama to gymnastics team: How do you not bust your head?

  25. Reporter to White House: "Where does the President stand on Polygamy?"

  26. White House: Churchill bust story is a 'myth' from the 'darker corners of the internet'

  27. White House: Covering Mitt Romney is like a vacation

  28. Campaign 2012: Obama on the economy

  29. White House: Justin Bieber doesn't need a tax cut

  30. Biden: I had to ask my wife five times to marry me

  31. Washington Examiner's Tim Carney: Studies show that restricting guns don't reduce gun crimes

  32. MSNBC rushes to defend President Obama's anti-business remarks

  33. Michael Moore: If Founding Fathers saw an AK-47 they would support gun control

  34. Axelrod tries to explain why Obama is perceived as more negative

  35. Obama campaign tries to change Obama's comments on business

  36. Woman at Romney town hall calls Obama a 'monster'

  37. Michelle Obama: Standing is good for fitness too

  38. Good Morning America: Was shooter James Holmes a member of the Tea Party?

  39. Obama wasn't using teleprompter in Roanoke, where he made controversial comments on business

  40. Romney: Obama 'insulting' every innovator in America from Steve Jobs to Papa Johns

  41. Obama: We'll make Texas a battleground state

  42. Team Romney: Obama was 'smoking something' instead of understanding the American economy

  43. Obama: Don't listen to your 'Uncle Jim' that watches Fox News

  44. President Obama: If you've got a business -- you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen

  45. Romney vows in 2011 to choose a pro-life running mate

  46. Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt: Romney felony question is 'absolutely fair'

  47. James Carville: Condi Veep report 'most absurd thing I have ever heard'

  48. Sarah Palin: 'Condoleezza Rice would be a wonderful vice-president'

  49. Jay Carney sneers at reporter's request for Obama's college records

  50. Biden booed by NAACP. . . for ending his speech

  51. Jay Carney admits 2009 stimulus spent money to create jobs overseas

  52. Sen. Orrin Hatch quotes Top Gun on the Senate floor

  53. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver gives Romney speech an F-minus for vowing to repeal Obamacare

  54. Romney booed at NAACP after he vows to repeal Obamacare

  55. Obama to supporter: Why not name your son Barack?

  56. Question for Romney: Why should I care how you spend your money?

  57. Romney Townhall participant complains about "little Italian pistols" used by military

  58. Obama: I hope Sasha and Malia get rich, if they want to

  59. Brit Hume: Romney using the "Braveheart strategy"

  60. President Obama 2010: Outsourcing space flights to Russia is more efficient

  61. Al Sharpton stages dramatic reenactment of Romney fundraiser

  62. Carney admits 2010 extension of Bush tax cuts helped the economy

  63. Christie: Europe will be 'a picnic' compared to economic crisis we face in America

  64. Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom: There was no Twitter in the last presidential election

  65. Rubio: Obama has dropped "hope and change" for "divide and conquer"

  66. Obama: Tax cuts caused 'slowest job growth in half a century'

  67. Rubio speech: I was tempted to come and rip on Obama

  68. President Obama to Hispanics: I have acted without Congress on Immigration

  69. Father of Brian Terry: Tell Obama and Holder to 'get their heads out of their butt'

  70. Pelosi cites "insane editorial page" of the Wall Street Journal

  71. Pelosi: GOP is attacking Eric Holder because of his efforts on voter fraud

  72. Issa on Fox News: 'If it's Barack, I'll tell him we're not available'

  73. After reporting Twitter outage, CNBC host asks viewers to tweet him

  74. Jay Carney: Fast and Furious investigation a 'fishing expedition'

  75. Mitt Romney to Hispanics: Obama is taking your vote for granted

  76. PBS to White House: Why not offer amnesty for all illegal immigrants?

  77. Chris Hayes suggests making Krugman a dictator

  78. Obama 2005: Attorney General's job is not to pursue the President's political agenda

  79. MSNBC reports: "The War on Nuns"

  80. Revealed: Photo of Obama's pot-smoking Choom Gang

  81. CNN analyst: Controversy over Obama golfing is 'stupid'

  82. Biden to mayors: Great cities are now in China, not America

  83. Vice President Biden calls recession "greatest in history" of American Republic

  84. MSNBC: Would reporter have interrupted Obama if he was white?

  85. Obama scolds reporter for interrupting him

  86. Obama lectures reporter for interrupting his speech

  87. President Obama promises to make more gaffes

  88. MSNBC analyst: One of Obama's 'least successful speeches'

  89. Howard Dean: "We look at Wisconsin as a win"

  90. Paul Krugman: US economy under Obama in a drepression

  91. Anti-Scott Walker protesters swarm CNN with fake money and vuvuzelas

  92. A sad night for MSNBC: Video montage of Wisconsin recall race coverage

  93. Ed Schultz unhappy after MSNBC calls Wis. recall race for Walker

  94. Obama corrects reference to "Michelle and Joe Biden"

  95. Boehner blasts Bloomberg on large soda ban: "Are you kidding me?"

  96. Speaker Boehner to the Senate: "Why don't they pick up the bills and pass them?"

  97. Mitt Romney calls Solyndra: 'Obama's Taj Mahal'

  98. MSNBC host: NYC big soda ban a 'great idea'

  99. Obama campaign manager: Country is 'prospering' because of Obama's green job investments