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Uploaded on Jan 29, 2012

Stunning high spec 21" CRT for retro gaming - B&O MX4000.

The Beovision range of 4:3 standard definition CRT TVs are in my opinion some of the very best for retro gaming as I will explain in this video. The one featured is the 21 inch MX4000, featuring 2 x RGB Scart inputs, stereo sound, great picture quality, de-interlacing function, full service menu adjustments and of course the iconic Danish design. Many believe these to be the most stylish CRTs ever made.

To enter service mode press MENU, 1, 1, GO. For anyone trying to get the service menu on an MX4200 the code is MENU, 0, 0, GO (not 1,1 as used on other sets). Press the right arrow on your BEO4 to scroll through the following. Use the up and down arrows to change a value.

Hfq - Horizontal frequency, Vertical hold. Adjust to avoid picture rolling.
Hph - Horizontal phase, Horizontal position. Higher values move image to the right.
Ham - Horizontal amplitude, Lower values increase horizontal size
Vam - Vertical amplitude, Higher values increase vertical size.
Vsc - Vertical s-correction, expands centre and compresses top and bottom
Vsh - Vertical shift, Higher values move the image towards bottom of screen.
Vli - Vertical linearity, compresses top, expands bottom. lower numbers squash the upper half height of the screen
EWc - East/West corner, shifts the top and bottom horizontally to expand corners. Higher numbers flare the top and bottom L/R corners outwards, lower numbers form a bulge in the middle of L/R sides
EWp - East/West parabola. To make vertical lines at sides of screen parallel with sides of screen
EWt - East/West tilt, trapezoid correction. Tilt the picture. Higher numbers tilt the picture clockwise.

Here are some useful "default" settings from my own MX4000, which you could try using particularly if you get into trouble. As all sets are different, you will need to customise your own settings for the best picture.
Hfq 40, Hph 50, Ham 27, Vam 10, Vsc 14, Vsh 17, Vli 17, EWc 23, EWp 30, EWt 50

You can only access service mode from the TV input (snow screen if you do not have an analogue RF signal on this channel). The inability to view the picture (on AV input channels) whilst altering geometry is annoying but not a game stopper.

You may only be able to access Service Mode with a Jumper Mod for B&O MX models with chassis revisions earlier than 3.1 as well as any MX series TV where you do not have a beo4 remote or beo4 copy. You will need to build a bridge across the jumper on the AV board. The jumper is located right above the inputs on the AV board. It's the first thing you'll see and it's clearly marked.

Bang & Olufsen MX series CRT TV discussion thread

faginrs500 video on MX4002 picture quality and telling the different software revisions - which will dictate how you access service mode

faginrs500 B&O MX4002 chassis mod -- includes footage of making the mod you would need to bridge the service mode jumper on the back of the chassis get earlier chassis revision models into service mode.

WARNING: These TVs are getting on 20 years old so be prepared that one might have or develop a fault.

Common problem: Standby light shows as red but the TV won't turn on (degausse). The faults are normally located on the main PSU board. You will need an expert to take the set apart and replace capacitors. Normally these faults can be rectified with fairly simple capacitor replacement so don't throw the TV out without finding out if you have any local TV repair shops.

The following guides are from the B&O archives. Even if you can't fix the fault yourself, this guide will help the TV repair people know where to look (if they don't already).


This one is pretty similar and also shows you the common errors you get when starting the TV up in service mode, using the pins on the back


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