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  1. Spanish youth protest in Brussels

  2. Greenpeace stunt at European business summit

  3. Indie band Rökkurró on music pirating

  4. Catherine Ashton inaugarates EU office in Benghazi

  5. Tunisian migrant calls EU treatment 'shameful'

  6. Anti-austerity protest at EU Parliament event

  7. Lampedusa mayor worried over Libya war impact on his island

  8. Meet Ali - a Tunisian mechanic looking for a better life in Europe

  9. Roma Activist protests against fascist march in Hungarian village

  10. Should Belgium & other EU member states welcome refugees?

  11. Do you download music illegally?

  12. Former Libyan pilot calls on EU to stop pro-Gaddafi forces

  13. Economic policy of the eurozone needs to be decided in "dark, secret rooms"

  14. Ernst & Young Innovation summit

  15. A Home for Cooperation in the heart of the buffer zone in Nicosia

  16. Legal jungle for cross-border same-sex couples in EU

  17. EU Foreign Affairs chief addresses MEPS in Strasbourg

  18. Catherine Ashton talks to press ahead of the Informal lunch meeting with Foreign Affairs Ministers

  19. Israeli finance minister links EU support for Palestine to Anti-Semitism

  20. EU's credibility at stake since Arab Spring, says EU Mediterranean expert

  21. Rivers have the potential to integrate says German ambassador to Serbia

  22. Roma rights still neglected in the EU

  23. Al-Assads days are numbered, says Syrian opposition

  24. EU heading in 'wrong direction', French citizens say

  25. Gaza flotilla was sabotaged by Israel claims Irish MEP

  26. Ambiguity surrounds "eco-cheques", an employee's incentive in Belgium

  27. After 2000 kilometres, 'indignants' receive frosty welcome in Brussels

  28. Ireland: a year after the bailout

  29. Belgian unions show solidarity with Greeks

  30. Activists barge in on EU's economic headquarters

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