Super Mario Sunshine Playthrough Part 1





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Published on Jul 5, 2012

Hey look, it's that game almost everybody did already. Well, since it's the only 3D home console Mario game I haven't done, and since it's my favorite Mario game of all time, I've also decided to give it a shot in terms of making a Playthrough. This Playthrough will have all 120 Shine Sprites, but I am not going to show my Blue Coin hunt, simply because of how tedious and dragged on it was. If anyone needs help finding a specific Blue Coin in an area, I wouldn't mind helping out. You just have to remember that only some episodes have a specific Blue Coin in them. Also remember to shoot EVERYTHING with F.L.U.D.D. Some Blue Coins are in just really odd areas (Ground Pounding the nose of a statue? Really?), and some are just annoying, such as the 9 circling the final platform in Corona Mountain. I will collect as many as I can while getting the first 96 Shine Sprites, get the remaining Coins off-screen, then show me exchanging the 240 Blue Coins for the last 24 Shine Sprites, just to save time.

In this part, we collect quite a few Shine Sprites around Delfino Plaza and Bianco Hills.

These are the Shine Sprites obtained in this part:

Delfino Airstrip, Shine Sprite #1: This is the first Sprite to get in the game, and it's easy enough. Going a bit into the Airstrip, you will find F.L.U.D.D. After a tutorial about how to use it, you can get the first Sprite. Make your way to the giant mess of goop near the plane to encounter a Polluted Piranha Plant. You need to simply shoot water into its mouth every time it opens it. After three hits in the mouth, the Piranha Plant will be defeated, letting you take the Shine Sprite that it originally guarded.

Delfino Plaza, Shine Sprite #1: Spray water on the sand near the tower that has a portal to Gelato Beach. The water will hit something in the sand. Keep spraying that area to reveal an image of a Shine Sprite, which will release a Shine Sprite onto one of the rocky platforms. Use the Hover Nozzle to reach it.

Delfino Plaza, Shine Sprite #2: Hey look, we died already. Also on one of the rocky platforms is a Warp Pipe. Jump into it to appear on a block. You can either slide down to the Shine Sprite, or keep using the Hover Nozzle to reach it easier (You may take falling damage, but it's not a big deal). Grab the Shine Sprite at the bottom.

Delfino Plaza, Shine Sprite #3: To the left of Delfino Plaza's entrance is a giant tower with a bell. Using the Rocket Nozzle (or professional jumping skills), reach the bell, then clean it off with water. This will make a Shine Sprite appear in the tower. Use the Manhole on the building nearby to reach the manhole that will launch you into the Shine Sprite.

Delfino Plaza, Shine Sprite #4: Entering the house near the Shine Gate, a Pianta will challenge you to Ground Pound all of the crates before time runs out. Do so to obtain a Shine Sprite.

Delfino Plaza, Shine Sprite #5: Enter the house again for a new crate challenge. Again, destroy them all before time runs out for a Sprite.

Delfino Plaza, Shine Sprite #6: By now, there should be a Chuckster sitting on one of the buildings. Talk to him to make him throw you into one of the buildings. Simply grab the Shine Sprite inside.

Down with Petey Piranha!: Wow, we did the second mission first. Anyways, in Bianco Hills, you need to simply reach the top of the giant Windmill (which isn't too hard) to find Petey Piranha. He'll roar, causing the structure below him and Mario to crack. After the cutscene, you must fight Petey. You need to shoot a bunch of water into his mouth whenever he opens it to vomit goop. After he gets filled with water, he'll fall over, allowing you to Ground Pound his stomach to damage him. Doing this three times, you will defeat Petey. Grab the Sprite afterwards.

Road to the Big Windmill: Make your way to the destroyed bridge to find a Polluted Piranha Plant. Simply fight this one like you did with the last two (spraying water in its mouth) to defeat it, then grab the Shine Sprite afterwards.

The Hillside Cave Secret: Make your way to the cave shown in the intro by using the tightropes or the Hover Nozzle. Inside, Shadow Mario will appear and take away F.L.U.D.D. These areas require some precise platforming. This one isn't too hard, as you can always get a 1-Up Mushroom. The giant blocks can be annoying, but the rest of it isn't that bad. Just grab the Shine Sprite at the end to obtain it.

Red Coins of Windmill Village: This one isn't too bad either, as most of the Red Coins are all together and easy to find. They're all out in the open, so they're quite easy to spot. Once you get all of them, make your way to the Shine Sprite, which is floating above one of the Windmills.


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