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Uploaded on Jan 6, 2010

After attempting for close to two months, I finally did it lots of research and countless dead end cables but I did it. I have gotten no real help from other youtube videos so, I figured lets post one up this is my first video so I hope it will help you guys out. I also got in touch with apple technical support as they too didn't provide much help on how to use the new iMac target display mode, thats the mode it goes when using video source through the mini display port, and they will pass on all the information I gave them to their engineering department and hopefully we'll see apple help on their end.

anyway heres a website where you can buy the converter, I'm lucky to live in NY and didn't have to use their website since their store is located in 23 street and 6th avenue in manhattan for those of you who live in the tristate area this product is worth the money believe me.

Store phone number (212) 929-3645

Remember its a Belfan HDMI to Mini Display Converter.

Connection info must read this section carefully...

When you do get the converter realize that the mini display port only intakes video which means that on your PS3, Xbox, or blu ray dvd players only video should come out through the hdmi cable into the converter and from the converter to the mini display port, for audio, set your setting to red and white composite cables and simply either connect it to a home theater system or get a double sided female a/v red and white composite adapter and plug in the PS3 audio source to one end and to the other one of those head phone cable with a male red and white source on one end and on the other end a line in source like what would fit on your iPhone headphone jack, the imac has an audio input source between the headphone line and the first usb port behind your iMac display just plug that in and your are good to go.

Also the instructions on the box has you first and foremost set your iMac display settings to 1280x720 I did this my first attempt and it worked well after I realized that I couldn't send both video and audio sources from my PS3 via HDMI and that I had to split them up, (Initially I was sending both audio and video as for me it was limbo with no real guide and the converter didn't work but as I stated I realized that it was the imac as it ONLY INTAKES VIDEO VIA MINI DISPLAY PORT.) The settings I did on my Sony 1080 TV so as to be able to see the PS3 settings. Anyway, as you can see from the video, I never again have the need to switch to 1280x720 maybe it was just the first time maybe you never have to I did only because the instructions that came asked me to do that, I also got in touch with the tech support from Belfan and explained that I don't need to switch from 2560x1440 to a lower setting.

Also everyone after each use I unplug the power unit from the converter so that way it doesn't over heat I hope you all do the same.

Good Luck All

Oh and everyone can you imagine God of War 3 or better yet Final Fantasy xiii on this crisp LED screen with resolutions higher then LED screens out there, come on, Apple out did them selves, God of War 1 and 2 were just enhanced for the collection edition and they look great you should see how assassins creed 2 looks on this.... mind blowing. I know the video mentioned that there will be an email to provide help but I thought it twice we can just have discussion on the comment section of the video.

you don't use the belfan for the sound, the belfan is only for video transfer from the ps3. You need to use the composite cable that comes with the ps3 also in your ps3 settings program the audio settings to the composite A/V cable only the audio though make sure that the Video remains as HDMI .... so in short ps3 settings------ audio A/V video HDMI.... ok get one of these heres a link copy and paste it so you can see what it is don't copy the dashes thats just to make the websites noticeable ---- http://www.radioshack.com/product/ind... ----- also get one of these ------- http://www.radioshack.com/product/ind... ----- ok now make the obvious and the first cable is what we call an aux cable and the bose volume control has to jacks one is an out source audio ( headphones) and one is an input audio ( aux ) attach the aux cable to that jack and your sound is set up. you don't have to buy the items which are extra affordable any where just wanted you to get the right stuff let me know how it goes. ok

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