MFA's Advertisement Campaigns: Broadcasting Veganism Into the Mainstream





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Uploaded on Mar 3, 2010

Although McDonalds, and other meat-based corporations, has used such media to push products that lead to the confinement, cruel handling, mutilations, and merciless slaughter of billions of cows, pigs, and chickens annually the platforms they have used to sell those burgers and nuggets hold enormous potential in actually ending such abuses and moving masses of everyday consumers toward a cruelty-free, vegetarian diet.

Because the abuse and exploitation that farmed animal endure is intentionally concealed from public view, and masked by flashy ad campaigns and catchy jingles, few consumers ever questions or come face-to-face with the true cost of meat: violence toward animals.

Imagine, if nested between each commercial break, along every highway, and affixed on every city transit line there were advertisements that sold a priceless item: compassion for animals.

Through cutting-edge advertisement campaigns on television, billboards, public transit, and the Internet, Mercy For Animals is working to open the hearts and minds of millions of consumers to plight of farmed animals and the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

In major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, MFA's ads featuring images of abused animals on factory farms - are inspiring droves of people to go vegetarian.

Millions of ad viewers have been prompted to visit MFA's ChooseVeg.com website, where they are presented with compelling videos of factory farm cruelty, eye-opening facts on animal agriculture's impact on the environment, the health benefits of a meatless diet, and hundreds of mouth-watering vegan recipes and cooking videos.


  1. 97

    Mercy For Animals' Pro-Vegetarian MTV Commercials

  2. 98

    Milk is Cruel

  3. 99

    Concealed Cruelty - Pork Industry Animal Abuse Exposed

  4. 100

    No Mercy - Calf Farm Cruelty Exposed

  5. 101

    Farm to Fridge - Fort Myers (Part I)

  6. 102

    Farm to Fridge Tour - Fort Myers (Part II)

  7. 103

    Farm to Fridge Tour - Los Angeles

  8. 104

    Farm to Fridge Tour - Las Vegas

  9. 105

    Farm to Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production

  10. 106

    Skinned Alive - Cruel Catfish Slaughter Exposed

  11. 107

    Mercy For Animals' 2010 Year in Review

  12. 108

    Spare a Turkey. Choose Vegetarian.

  13. 109

    Cruelty to Baby Calves at Veal Farm in Ohio

  14. 110

    MFA's "Biohazard Crew" Declares "Recall All Eggs, Go Vegan!"

  15. 111

    Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality

  16. 112

    Investigation of Weaver Brothers Egg Farm

  17. 113

    Vegetarian Dining: Bringing Cruelty-Free Cuisine into Reach

  18. 114

    MFA's Library Outreach Campaign: Sowing Seeds of Compassion

  19. 115

    Vegetarian Leafleting: Extending a Helping Hand to Farmed Animals

  20. 116

    MFA's Humane Education Program: Teaching Respect for Animals

  21. MFA's Advertisement Campaigns: Broadcasting Veganism Into the Mainstream

  22. 118

    Vegan Feed-Ins: A Recipe for Effective Activism

  23. 119

    MFA's Undercover Investigations: Exposing Animal Cruelty

  24. 120

    Bill Introduced to Ban Tail Docking of Dairy Cattle in New York

  25. 121

    Cruelty at New York's Largest Dairy Farm

  26. 122

    Mercy For Animals' 2009 Year in Review

  27. 123

    Mercy For Animals' Celebrating Compassion Gala - Chicago

  28. 124

    Investigation Reveals Cruelty at Pig Factory Farm

  29. 125

    Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery

  30. 126

    Fowl Play Cage free Eggs Fowl Play Chapters

  31. 127

    Oprah KFC Chicken Giveaway Protest

  32. 128

    I Am Mercy For Animals

  33. 129

    Vegan Baking: Tips for Cooking Without Eggs

  34. 130

    New England Egg Farm Investigation

  35. 131

    Mercy For Animals: Year in Review 2008

  36. 132

    Undercover Investigation at California Egg Farm

  37. 133

    Chicago Pro-Vegetarian Bus Ad Campaign

  38. 134

    Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2008

  39. 135

    The VeggieBeet - Ethical Planet General Store

  40. 136

    Vigil for Victims of Foie Gras Production

  41. 137

    Egg Farm Undercover Investigation

  42. 138

    Beef Recall

  43. 139

    Pork Industry Exposed!

  44. 140

    Chicago Fur Protest

  45. 141

    Mercy For Animals - 2007 Year In Review

  46. 142

    Egg Producer Protest - Chicago

  47. 143

    Ohio State University Mercy For Animals Chapter

  48. 144

    Celebrating Compassion: MFA's 8 Years of Advocacy

  49. 145

    Rodeo Investigation

  50. 146

    Poultry Slaughterhouse Undercover Investigation

  51. 147

    World's Toughest Rodeo Protest

  52. 148

    Pork Protest

  53. 149

    Anti-Fur Ad Campaign

  54. 150

    Hidden from View - Pro-Veg Commercial

  55. 151

    Mercy For Animals - 2006 Year in Review

  56. 152

    Foie Gras Protest

  57. 153

    Vegetarian TV Commercial

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