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Published on Apr 25, 2012

This is the first chapter of developer's video diary by Vostok Games, the new studio formed by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 developers.

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Боже, а когда-то я, 15 - летний панан надеялся и верил, что у них реально выйдет сделать хорошую игру. Но...
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Pavel Larchik
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В итоге разрабатывается survarium, цель которого - сделать хороший долговечный источник денежных средств. Ни Восток, ни Сурвариум у меня никак не ассоциируется с GSC и их шедеврами, не стоило вам записывать это видео и даже вспоминать о GSC. Даже если остались те же разработчики, они буквально продали идею. Сталкер - это не бои по пять минут с жестким закосом на Варгейминг, лично я разочарован в этом проекте и не имею причин желать Востоку успехов.
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farris jabaut
you can't take a game like this and turn it into an mmo, for example, kotor was an amazing series but became a failure online. I think they should have stuck to xbox, pc and ps4 solo games with a possible multiplayer included, heck they could have turned that multiplayer into pay to play. I'm just saying, I'd rather have a solo story that I could immerse myself into. also, the idea of the zone being the whole world now takes away a little bit of that immerseing, think about it this way, with the zone you could immerse yourself as an illegal hunter in a place were you couldn't access vehicles, its a very big place the zone but not big enough to overwhelm you. It gave a lot of room for conspiracy theorys and the thought of like an American area 51 that was taking place at and or around Chernobyl. Now they have given themselves to much to live up to, stalker fans want another stalker game, if they make this different from the series stalker fans will be upset, and that's pretty much their majority fan base on this project, wich isn't as big a project already like elder scrolls. wich brings me back to my earlier point, games like kotor, elder scrolls, fallout, and stalker need to stay video games for the pc, xbox and ps4, they need to stay solo compaigns.
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Буду поддерживать этот проект всегда!)
Сергей Бобров
Ребят, когда накрутите деньги на донате, делайте Сталкер 2, его все ждут, а ваш сурвариум может стать тем же варфесом.
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Вот сейчас подумал а может хорошо если survarium станет  супер донатным типо варфейса, вы разбогатеете купите бренд STALKER и сделаете STALKER 2, вот такие мечты... Удачи вам ребят во всех проектах. Извините если обидел.
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jukukuj kuyik
Впевнений,що новий проект буде вартий уваги!!!
Leonardo Nietto
I do understand that the developers might not see these kind of comments, so i will post this as an opinion: Yes we do understand that you have to pay a licence to the game, and yes we do understand how much money does it takes to make a game like STALKER, but you might seem to be confused, people don't want another online shooter, people want STALKER, even if you run out of money, people like me would totally back the hell up for you (even in kickstarter), you have created the atmosphere: the sense of silence, the fear of night, the shakes in your spine while entering X16, the tranquility of a song at the fire with friends (even if they are NPCs)... it's not about the genre, it's about the game. STALKER its a concept, it's own genre, and you dare to compare it to another f2p online fps?... we have always dream something like this: to share your adventure with a friend, to be the tank of your dps friend on skyrim, to be the sniper of your assault team on fallout, but STALKER means another thing, that anyone can be a sniper, that anyone can be killed (like you ran into the most important NPC in the game and kill him with a knife to the head!) that you don't have DPSs or Tanks, that you only need a good gun, accuaricy and some common sence, imagine that with a friend... the point is, we want STALKER back (and some modders wont take a no for an answer!), yes you can even use your old engine back again, and we WILL take it! that's how much we love this game... Best of lucks anyway, may you all be successful with your new game, i have to get back to the zone.
прошло 5 лет, в итоге разрабы сделали только шмалялку типа контры, это провал.
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