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Published on May 11, 2009

"Birkat Kohanim" blessing, given to Aaron and Moses by our Almighty God. Performed by Hank Zepeda, May 2009 http://lordsfire.org

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The Sankofa Movement
I am a messianic Hebrew from the lost house of Israel. A descendant of African Hebrews of west Africa. I am a witness to this.
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Manuel Ybarra
Ali Dawah eat pork and die and go to your "jinna" with your 72 comic con virgins like your false prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him) promised.
Jason Reaney
Ali Dawah lol wow you are such a sick individual.
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SpiriTruth Worship - Moses Piano Music
Praise the name of YAH !!!
Peace Dweller
I'm a Christian, but I listen to this all the time. Shalom Aleichem.
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Jason Reaney
Mark Rogers you only research inside the book. You look for no meanings in anything else. Your mind says "ok Jesus is real" now I must find sentence and "facts" that says this otherwise they are lies. This is not research. This is plain stupidity
Mark Rogers
And what actual research have you done Jason? I have studied the historicity of Jesus Christ and those who followed Him for 42 years. No sensible historian denies the existence of Jesus Christ. The only people who deny this FACT are those who have closed their minds to the truth.
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miss diaspora levy
Shalom brother. Toda!!! Toda!!! I listen to this before I get out of bed and when going to bed. my son elijah refuses to go to bed without this prayer. My Elohim send you an abundance of blessings.
Bernardo Patino
Shalom, baruch atta Adonai Hashem YAHSHÙA HA`MASHICH, SAHLOM
J. H.
As a Christian, I cannot begin to covey how the Spirit of God moved within me when I heard this!
Karen Eaton-York
J. H. He is calling us all by name! His sheep KNOW His Voice! 😊❤ BARUCH ATA B'SHEM ADONAI YESHUA HA MASHIACH MELEKH HA OLAM! BARUCH ADONAI YESHUA IMMANUEL ELOHEINU! 🌹K.E.Y Adilyah Bat Elohim 👑 🔯Daughter of Tzion 💍Mariamne Ishshah Yeshua Ben David Elohim Ha Mashiach Melek Ha Olam ✡🕎🕀 ☮ SAR SHALOM 👐🏼👑🔯🕇☮❤
Nefritara B
J. H. I started crying uncontrollably, couldn't even stop. .no lie. wow, that is powerful.
Cannot express enough how AWESOME that was.....beyond fantastic. Chills of The Ruach up my spine. All praise to ABBA and His Son!!!!!
Bob Colsy
Joanna Hannah
WOW!! Oh how we miss the point by focusing on traditions. I listened to this for the first time today and you know what really matters?, It's the Spirit of God. The voice of this man is powerfully anointed; Christian or Jew. The Spirit of God shot through me so mightily and powerfully. God bless you my brother for singing over us. God will sing over you too as you have blessed me today. 
freddye Andujar אנדוחאר
shalom shabbat. hermosa
Bernardo Patino
Shabaat Shalom. FREDDYE.
Adam Patel
I too am a Christian and I know I received a blessing from the Lord after hearing this. Hallelujah!
Is because the Ruach wants you cross over to the Hebraic roots of your faith....Christianity won't teach you Torah the way believers supposed to apply in out lives for YAHUAH! ; sadly, Christianity denies the Kadosh name of the Most High !
Do you guys realize how ridiculous and offensive this seems to us actual Jews (not Christians pretending to be Jews)? It looks like some kind of SNL parody. Everything from the shofar (which isn't even used in the ritual) to the tallit (which he shouldn't be wearing since he's not a Jew) makes it look like he's making a mockery of Judaism. He's not a Kohen anyway, which means he has no right to perform the Birkat Kohanim in the first place. This is supposed to be a sacred rite, and you're usurping and bastardizing it. Stop it.
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Fat Lip
+TorahTV Let me school you since you where brainwashed NOT to read the very books you preach. Joshua was the first JEWISH of two promised great messiahs, Moses directed him and his mission was finished, Every king for "the people" israel is called a messiah, it means anointed King, Chosen by the people not corps on wall street., a Christ is a latin pagan name for the Egyptian demon god that rose from the dead, known to arabs as a Jin or geanie., they existed before Adam, in fact Cane married a female Jinn (incase you lost count of how many where in the garden of Eden).. The second Messiah will only come when all jews observe Shabbat several times with out distractions in the promised land. He will be a man like Joshua, bring peace and rebuilt the temple with the support of all people.   Anything else said about this was made up by Herod, Kostantine (rapist who murdered his own wife and children to the demon god Mithra) whos statues are still standing in the VATICAN gardens, nothing changed since, all the Catholics ask from the jews is a ticket to murder those who stand against the promised ISrael to come. hope that clears up your anti Messianic inspirations and hatred against Jews.   and it goes with out saying, if you think your better at something then Join the nation of israel and contribute, no use hating jews if you cant be better at been one., but your info is not from jews or jewish scripture its from latin jew hating Roman pagans.
Fat Lip im an israelite on of the lost 10 tribes because i believe in the messiah you jews that dont believe in yeshua you arent even jews
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