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Published on Apr 4, 2012

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You asked for it and we're bringing it to you. This week's Fanboy Faceoff is all about the one percenters - two of our favorite billionaires turned superheroes - Bruce Wayne aka Batman versus Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

These two powerhouses may come from rival comic book companies, but they actually have a lot in common. Neither possess any super powers and use their great wealth to create gadgets and equipment to help them fight evil. They are also in two of the most anticipated and most likely biggest movies of the summer - The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. This won't be the first time these titans of industry faced off against one another. Back in 2008, Iron Man debuted hoping to take the box office crown from Batman, one of the most popular comic book characters of all time. Despite having a limited fan base outside the comic book world, Iron Man managed an impressive $572 M worldwide gross and a new hero was born. And even though the Iron Man films were incredibly popular, bringing in over 1.2 Billion combined, they're no match for the Batman franchise; raking in more than two-and-a-half billion dollars between the six films.

While the Caped Crusader may have the box office edge, the Iron Avenger may have a much larger advantage on the battlefield. Tony Stark made a name for himself not only with a genius intellect and good business savvy, but also as one of the worlds leading weapons designers. The so-called "Merchant of Death" is responsible for some of the most vicious war weapons in fictional history, and has always been famous for his moral ambiguity.

While the Dark Knight uses brute force and fear tacticts to great effect, the one thing that has always stopped Bruce Wayne from ridding Gotham of crime is his "one rule". Batman will never kill. Even after all of the horror that his archnemesis the Joker has caused Batman refuses to break his rule. Iron Man, however, makes it very clear that he's pretty comfortable living up to his "Merchant of Death" nickname.

That being said, Tony Stark faces a sizeable disadvantage himself - the fact that everyone knows that Iron Man and Tony Stark are one and the same. While celebrity status has its many benefits, always being in the public eye may not be one of them. Not only does Batman have better training than the Iron Man, he also has the advantage of being completely anonymous. If Iron Man wanted to tack down the Bat, he'd have to search long and hard or wait until the Dark Knight chose to reveal himself. Flip that around, however, and all Bruce Wayne has to do is attend a press conference with a few Batarangs in his pocket.

So who ultimately has the winning edge? Both are billione playboys turned heroic vigilante; but while Batman uses gadget's and vehicles like the batarang and Batmobile to fight crime, Iron Man's suit is a weapon and vehicle all in one. Both use advanced body armor, but would Bruce Wayne's ninja-like stealth skills be able to take the famed Tony Stark by surprise? Or, would his inability to break his one rule and take a life ultimately be the Dark Knight's downfall to Invinceible Iron Man?

That's where you come in, our experts. Where do you stand on this morally divided battleground? Who would win in the battle between Batman and Iron Man? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet us @ClevverMovie with your pick with the hashtag #CMFF. I'm Tatiana Carrier, thanks for watching.


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