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Published on Feb 17, 2008

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (English) from Cinderella

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

Copyright Disney

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Katie Luke
just because she doesn't kick and punch doesn't mean that cinderella was weak. on the contrary: she stood strong and hopeful against years of abuse, and when she was told she couldn't go to the ball, she got dressed up and WENT. she wanted to find love, and to leave behind her life of abuse, so she put on her heels and went out to find a piece of happiness. kindness and hope require incredible strength, and cinderella is a beacon of both. i love her, and i think she's incredibly powerful.
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The prince was absolutely the only single wish my heart made Guess my wish came true But we never really talked much Before he discovered my shoe The night after we got married I recounted all of my plights Of how I fit inside a pumpkin My canines turned to coachmen Prince threw me in Bedlam that night The white jackets say I'm nutty (she's nutty as a bat) Cause my clothes are sewn by rats (stick some meds in her food) But their pills turn my brain to putty (hey, GOT HER) Now Lucifer's not just my cat (I AM SATAN) Their insulin puts me under Shock therapy's made me insane And after years of steady frying The doctors gave up trying They stuck two steel rods in my brain Cr : Paint
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I want whatever they stuff those pillows with. Disney makes their pillows look so flipping soft
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And that is why I love Cinderella.
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William H. Bonney
This is unspeakably beautiful.
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Something is hilarious about how the video just skips the entire scene where Cinderella gets dressed. She gets sprayed with water "AOOPHGG" Immediate skip to her completely ready
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Ajsa S.
RIP Ilene Woods; I was sad to learn that she passed away a few years ago. In her later years she had dementia, and couldn't remember that she'd voiced Cinderella - but she loved the song 'A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes' and would play it often. It cheered her up so much to hear it... but she couldn't remember why it was so special to her. It just shows how music can affect us and touch our hearts. She sang so beautifully in this movie and has my favourite singing voice for a Disney princess xx
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Priya Sahani
Cinderella is really strong character but some dont understand because she is a deep character.Her story was made around the time where woman was not given so much importance,had loads of problem.I dont know why people compare the stories of 17th century to the 21st century.There hell lot of time gap.so the character is also moulded according to time.
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Hiya There!
I love old singers. I love how they had NATURALLY beautiful voices. You know, without auto tune and stuff. They just had beautiful voices.
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Grace Mac
I have to say that since I was a little girl, Cinderella has been one of my favorite Disney Princesses. Some think that she has no personality and that her only goal was to fall in love and to find the person of her dreams, but I've always seen her in a different light. All she ever wanted was a better life for herself, and even though she was going through so many hardships, she had hope that someday she'd be able to make her dream a reality. And personality wise, I always marveled at the fact that she was always so kind and gentle despite all the crap she went through. Plus, she's very smart and has a sarcastic side! What's so awful about that? Why do people think she's so bad of a role-model compared to the other princesses?
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