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Published on Jul 25, 2012

This poem is about how the resurrection of Jesus is the answer to the world. Because he rose, we have new life.
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This was a poem I wrote for my church's easter service this past April. My hope is that someone watching this will walk away with a deeper sense of the grace of God and just how monumental Jesus death, burial, and resurrection truly were. If Jesus is still dead we are to be pitied, but if He really rose, we have to face up with the implications. Nothing is more precious than the fact that when we trust in Jesus, we are united with Him as one. Because of that, whatever is true of Him, instantly becomes true of us. Spotless, blameless, perfect, righteous, etc all are accounted to us since we are "in Him."

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Jefferson Bethke
Hey guys! You can get my audiobook for free right now when u sign up for free trial at jeffbethke.com/audible
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Julia Berry
I don't believe in God because of rhythm and somebody told me to believe in Him, I believe in God because I HAVE seen Him change lives. Lives that were so screwed up and looked like they loved to bathe in their sin. God is the only thing powerful enough to explain what I've seen. And not only seen, but felt. I am one of those stories. I would still be like all those people writing comments about how ridiculous Jesus is, if He hadn't changed me. I love Jesus Christ, and when I die, He'll say welcome home, But Im scared that when those people who have commented on this and denied Jesus, He'll deny you. And sadly, you'll stand in Hell without being able to say "nobody told me" because we tried. There comes a point where the need for proof stops, and the need for faith in God to save you begins.
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Lauren Liechty
God doesn't hate anyone. He hates the sin, not the sinner.
In a sense. It is made new. After all, it does claim that the old will be made new. That's why I am saying it will most likely be where God wants it to be. I can't propose heaven to be exact. But only where god would like it to be.
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Israel Sosa
This made me cry...thank you for making this wonderful illustration of God's grace and Jesus' burial and resurrection.
Dalton Ewing
Can someone tell me why everybody hates us Christian's 
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Eoin Forrest
Dalton Ewing becuz ur wrong XD
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G Quinn
Yeah, nope, Yolo still applies. Only one life, sorry.
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Jacob Hood
@G Quinn I sure am glad my parents told me that when I say sorry, I better mean it. Because insincerity is very unappealing.
Michael Smith
+gaynomadic wow...  Ok, so if evidence that is put in front of you doesn't agree with your viewpoint then you arbitrarily throw it out and say it's not valid evidence.  I provided a good video for you to watch with an experienced college professor discussing the authenticity of the Bible and Jesus's life.  I found a video because I know books take up a lot of time, which most people don't have.  Although there's a ton more books out there that also discuss the historical accuracy of the old and new testaments.  I also provided a video for you to watch regarding a pioneering cardiac surgeons experiences with near death experiences.  A good book for you to read is, The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell.  Although there's many others. You obviously won't be happy unless God comes down and fixes all of the problems in the world and your life.  It doesn't work that way, I think that was called Eden, and we chose not to stay there...  We chose this world, this life.  God doesn't want to force us to love Him.  He doesn't want us to be little robots that do everything He programs us to do.  He has given us free will.  You have to have free will in order to truly understand love, but at the same time, free will tends to make a mess of things. I would be willing to bet that if you were plopped down in Rome or Israel in 300 BC with a bit of money you would likely purchase a slave and think it's perfectly acceptable.  Subjective morality...  You think you're so morally high and mighty and that you would do things right, but when push comes to shove, if and when society collapses and all of the conveniences you live with were to disappear would you be so moral?  You sound more judgmental than moral. When a soldier jumps on a grenade to save the lives of fellow soldiers around him is he doing that fulfill the "pleasure principle"?  Should someone that doesn't believe in an afterlife logically be willing to give their life for another? By the way, I wasn't making fun of Nietzsche's mental problems I was implying that perhaps as he inched toward the end of his life he began to need God once again.  Hence his random quotes from the Bible toward the end of his life... I find so many contradictions in your viewpoints...
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Solomon Nathan Tor-Kilsen
This is awesome!
Why can't aethiest except that somethings in christianity is historical fact!
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Justin Kakuyo
I was expecting much more from this video other than guilt trip to get me to go to church... ah well, on to the next video
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Arno Fourie
Justin you are guilty
derp smurfson
He didn't make this to guilt you. He made this to inspire you
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Zed Bowman
.This guy is just crazy..  Anyone that believes in a god that does not exist, in a place that does not exist, that promises eternal life in a place with golden streets is just crazy.  If god wanted to save humans he would show himself, do a few magic tricks and then tell us if we don't follow him we will go to hell.  Instead god, being the myth that he is has never shown himself and expects us to follow him and millions do!  How fucked up is that?  I have to say pretty sad.
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karen Susàbeth
Zed Bowman magic tricks???? You want the God of the universe to perform major tricks??? HE does not need to entertain you. You will stand before Him for your judgement. Get your heart right. Hell is a real place. Jesus died for YOUR sins. Repent
Show me evidence. Otherwise there is no reason not to believe Thor is the real god. Or Allah. Or Ra. Atheists are rational and we require evidence before believing stories told by people with no more knowledge than we have.
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Haleigh Washington
So I'm going through the comments and I'm a little confused... Why is it ok for people to persecute what I believe in and my relationship with Christ, but the second I even say the words, "My Lord and savior." I'm the bad guy, I'm the person who is shoving my beliefs down your throat. You people can't even comprehend a fraction of what my relationship with Christ is and yet you tear it down, smash it to pieces,and then throw it at my feet. You don't know anything about my beliefs or my God. So stop shredding it up. You think this is a scam, you think this is garbage? Fine! But if you're allowed to mutilate my beliefs I don't wanna hear the tiniest complaints from you when I try and love on you as a complete stranger. When you ask me, "Why would a random person do that for someone like me?" Don't you dare get offended when I say it's because I was told to love you. We were instructed to love all people and I'm sorry if you have experienced any thing other than that, but ya know sometimes it's just plain hard to love on people like you. 
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So true! Its interesting how some can claim to be "talerant" but in truth aren't
Faith W
I got terrorized in high school for my name being Faith and being Christian because it was "so typical". But the moment I said anything, I was the idiot and the ignorant one. I'm completely on board with you here. And everybody is always preaching that Christians should be opened minded and accepting but then they bash on us for our beliefs. Where is the acceptance in that??
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