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Published on Aug 1, 2006

Numa Numa video with mishead lyrics that sound insane.

Edit: I know that the song is actually Romanian, that's why it says "MISHEARD" in the title. I make no claim that these are the actual lyrics, so stop telling me that I'm stupid, because I know they're false. If you can't understand that the words I have written just 'sound' like the actual lyrics then acquire a sense of humor!

BTW: I'm flattered that everyone tries to copy this...

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I miss 2008-09 era of youtube. Nostalgic stuff right here
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This was the best content back in the day and it was glorious
+SQIRLDARKKON Even though this video is from 2006.
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Mr Madness
2006... Sniff I miss you... I miss you so much. Please come back. I just want the humble era of Youtube. The era where simple, yet charming videos like this were the norm. The era where there weren't a billion shitty LP channels and Vine bullshit, just peace. Salute
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H Nickel
Mr Madness ... (Sits in the corner)
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This brings me WAY (and by WAY I mean about 5 or 6 years ago) back to a time were the internet was about old YouTube videos, YTP, Club Penguin, and flash games. I'm probably the most nostalgic 15-year-old I know lol
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* spits out drink * 2006? Sweet Jesus 11 years ago....
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KaedeTheWyvern that would be 2017.. Hello! I'm from 2017 , how's it going ??
+Jaden Crystal My grandchildren will be so proud. Until they attend school, after that they'll tear me apart.
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Dude I'm Romanian and whatching this is like the best thing ever XD
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Charles Michael
+alex rivera I'm considered an English person (US is weird....), and this video isn't what I ever hear....
+Diet Nuka Cola M8 chill . Have an ice cold nuka cola and some mole rat meat and let's go kill some raiders .
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Nadia Arnaout
this video is so nostalgic for me, even though i wasnt on the internet in 2006. no im not some stupid youngster thats trying to be cool (even though im younger than a lot of you) but i found videos like this, in about 2010 and kept on watching them until I found the newer peice of shit videos in about 2013. I still watch them now too though. I just wish youtube was like this with the cat videos and star wars kid instead of twerking videos and videos of girls eating tampons. seriously, i wish it was like this so much now
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A Canadian
I have a comment with 800+ likes. This is literally what I said: "<--- mfw listening to this on max volume" (I posted this on a different video)
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Calvin Case
Remember when these were the misheard lyrics videos we all watched, and not Vines or Pleatedjeans's compilations of five crappy seconds of multiple songs in a row, all with minimal editing? Goddamn, I miss the good old days.
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12233344445555566666677777778888888899999999 9
I'm 6 months old and hate vines... Can i get a cookie?
Demon Rantz
The days of Youtube in 2011 were my favourite. Little Big Planet videos with the Hamster Dance music. Good times :)
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Evan Blenkinsopp
~~Happy 10th Birthday!!~~ Can't believe this masterpiece is a decade old, this was early YouTube! When viral videos were like gold nuggets, popping up every now and then to surprise and delight us. Oh how much YouTube has changed in 10 years, mainly for the worst but good in other aspects...
de rp
1 decade of this video being I YouTube
That moment when you're Romanian and you actually understand the lyrics very ok, and see the misheards, be like: "HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU HEAR THAT ???" =))
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Tiwari Peaceful_Waters
I know what it's really saying and it's the best thing ever XD
I&#39;m a geek, not a nerd
+HellnoRO I don't even know the original lyrics and I can't understand them, but I still don't get how someone could hear the stuff in the video...
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Elliot Rodger
One thing I miss a little is viral videos being like the world of warcraft kid and not some idiot yelling "what are those".
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Kippher G
supreme gentlemen
Cosmic Queen
Spree killer*
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