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Uploaded on Jun 24, 2011

TWiST #156 with Sam Zaid of Getaround

Co-founder and CEO Sam Zaid joins Jason to talk about the car-sharing movement and its eco implications, what life is like at the famed Singularity U and how he stood up to the haters and came out on top.

0:00-2:00 Today on This Week in Startups we have Sam Zaid of Getaround.
2:00-4:00 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the show!
4:30-5:00 Sam, do you use MailChimp?
5:00-5:30 Tell the audience what Getaround is.
6:15-6:45 How do you know the person isn't going to destroy the car?
6:45-8:00 What do you do to make the car renters feel at ease?
8:00-8:45 So if I rent a car you ensure it for me?
10:30-12:00 How can I save money on this as a consumer?
12:00-13:00 $45 a day for a Jeep Wrangler is a third of the price of other rental agencies.
13:00-13:30 How do you handle the gas situation?
13:30-14:00 How did you come up with the idea and when did you start the company?
14:00-15:30 Explain what Singularity University is.
15:30-16:30 How long is the course?
17:00-18:30 How many people were in the class? What's a day like at Singularity U?
20:00-21:00 Did you find the investors at Singularity?
21:30-22:15 As an entrepreneur, how do you go from everybody thinking your an idiot to everybody thinking you're the messiah?
22:15-23:00 How many cities are you in right now and how do you expand into a new city?
25:00-26:15 What's the revenue potential that you've seen for the renters?
26:15-27:00 How did you get three Teslas? What's your relationship with them?
27:00-28:00 Do I have to put my name on the account as an owner?
28:00-29:00 So this becomes enough to cover a person's car payment?
30:00-32:00 Discussion of recent documentaries on oil production.
32:00-33:30 Did they talk about peak oil at Singularity? Were you influenced by this?
33:30-34:45 Is this sort of big-picture thinking what Singularity did for you?
34:45-35:30 From the audience: Does Getaround register on rental company's radars?
36:00-37:30 Thank you to iStockphoto for sponsoring the show.
37:30-38:30 Do you try to get the ok from cities to do this?
38:30-40:00 Question from EP Greg Berry: What if someone returns a car with more than normal wear and tear? What's my recourse as a car owner for covering damages?
40:00-43:00 How do you verify my driving record?
44:30-46:00 What does the car kit do? How much does it cost?
46:00-47:45 Do you have anyone who's becoming a power renter, like on eBay and Airbnb?
47:45-49:30 What if someone said I'll only rent my car if I know where it goes and how fast it goes?
49:30-51:00 Tyler, would you rent a car if you knew I could find out where you went?
51:00-52:45 Tell me about the TechCrunch Disrupt experience?
54:45-56:45 Sam, we wish you continued success with Getaround. Do you know which city you'll go to next?
56:45-57:15 We're taking an Ask Jason question from Milan in Serbia.
57:15-1:01:00 Milan: "Do you think that CountdownGames.tv is a good domain name? Or should I use a more unique, short name?"
1:01:00-1:01:30 Sam, are you angry at Getaround knock offs?
1:01:30-1:03:30 Milan, thank you for being a super fan.
1:05:00-1:06:00 This has been a great episode, thank you Milan and congratulations to Sam.
1:06:00-1:07:00 Thank you to MailChimp and iStockphoto.

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