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Published on Jul 23, 2012

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AR15s are NOT assault rifles. They are modern-sporting rifles. Assault rifles are select-fire and are heavily regulated.
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An AR-15 civillian model cannot technically be called an assault rifle because an assault rifle by definition is a selective fire rifle, meaning you have firing options btwn, safe, semi-auto and full auto… The civilian version does not, it's strictly semi-auto… In essence it is more or less the same rifle as a semi-auto shotgun or hunting rifle. (Some people wanna ban semi autos which includes pistols which is unfeasible…)The difference probably being that despite the smilier mechanisms for firing, the AR 15 is primed for combat use in every other way… Not necessarily a bad thing, but again something available for abuse… Interesting thing is which I hadn't thought too much about until Penn Jillette pointed it out, mass shootings are actually statistical anomalies, as most gun owners don't hurt people and neither do most autistic or mentally infirm people hurt people… Swimming pools, cars and even fists kill more people… So while it's tempting to scream for gun control, it's not exactly required as the causes aren't as of yet determined, my theory is anti-represent SSRI's that make you go off the deep end. Yes you would reduce gun death by taking away guns but home invasion, rape et c victims will be left defenceless… 
Austin SLIK
A semi automatic ar-15 is no different from a semi automatic hunting rifle. 
A lot of people I know use AR15 for pest control. They use them on feral hogs
Philip you really need to fact check your information on semi-automatic rifles. First off they are not "assault rifles". Assault rifles have a selective fire capability meaning you can change between semi, burst, and fully automatic (fully automatic is available on some models). Using your same flawed logic that would imply something like a M-1 Garand (a strictly semi-automatic rifle) from WWII would be classified as an assault rifle. In gun related homicides semi-automatic rifles actually come out lowest on the list (despite mass shootings), while handguns are actually highest followed by shotguns. You want to know what else beats semi-automatic rifles? Hammers and knives. Why do you think the second amendment is for hunting? Hunting has nothing, NOTHING to do with the creation of the second amendment nor the right to own a firearm. It has to do with fighting back against a tyrannical government which can still happen, and heaven forbid if it does happen shouldn't the people have something powerful such as a semi-automatic rifle to help balance the playing field a little better? I really like your channel but come on man do some extensive research before talking about guns.
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how stupid! that's like saying you can't say "fuck" because that would be a word you wouldn't need ar-15s are good for killing, but any other firearm would have done the same amount of damage omg people are so stupid
I have been thinking about this a lot and think that proof of a weapon's safety class should be provided before a firearms purchase.
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I think people need semi auto rifles to defend themselves from oppressive and abusive government, for example in the souther cali desert outside LA the county government started giving people fake notices saying their neighbors complained and said they need to tear their houses down.  They used militarized Nuisance Abatement Teams to intimidate the property owners.  As long as stuff like this happens no one will give up their guns.
things like automatic rifles and such should b available to rent at shooting ranges and stuff like that maybe. to own a 50kal barrett seems excessive to hunt with or protect ur home with also. the only time u need a gun like that would b if a zombie apocalypse breaks out :D
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I forgot that he used to talk like this
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