Deep Sleep Programming For Attracting Money





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Published on Feb 26, 2013

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This program the natural process of learning during sleep to prime your consciousness with the idea that you are attracting and receiving money. It's fun to listen to as you go to sleep and if you put it on repeat, you will wake up feeling awesome about your financial prospects.

You will hear a 4-minute hypnotic script about attracting money during this video - it is repeated 8 times throughout the program to really help embed it in your mind.

We believe this is the most powerful program we've ever devised and hope you benefit from listening.

Note: You will hear spoken words on this program - it is not designed to be subliminal. You will also find it easy to sleep during the listening, as the other parts of the soundtrack are mixed to blend together. If the words distract you at first, feel free to lower the volume until it is audible as merely a whisper. Over time you can raise the volume. We have listened to long-form audiobooks with binaural beat soundtracks in the background, it is something to which you can grow accustomed. Also note: you will wake up feeling AWESOME!

Recommended use: Your experience is always enhanced by listening with headphones or earbuds.

Caution: Do not listen to this program while driving or operating other equipment.


1. I am receiving.
2. I am receiving money now.
3. I am ready, willing and able to receive money now.
4. My heart is open and my spirit is alive.
5. I feel rich.
6. I am grateful for everything I already have and for all that I receive now.
7. I have more than enough.
8. I am a money magnet.
9. I attract money now.
10. I have what I need.
11. More than enough.
12. I relax in order to receive.
13. I focus on receiving, not the needing.
14. What I receive exceeds my wildest dreams.
15. Money now comes to me from unexpected sources -- and I am grateful.
16. I use money wisely.
17. I know how to multiply that which I receive.
18. All my bills are paid with a wonderful ease.
19. There is always a surplus in my financial affairs.
20. God's bounty is mine to enjoy.
21. I share my good fortune with others.
22. I spend money gracefully.
23. I appreciate all the things money can buy.
24. I enjoy the finer things and new experiences.
25. I am eager to meet all the new people as money broadens my horizon.
26. I use my time as wisely as I use my money, so there is always more than enough of both, for all.
27. I see abundance everywhere I turn.
28. Abundance shines its light on me.
29. I am a rich child of a loving Universe.
30. I live in the richest time in history, where money circulates faster and farther than ever before.
31. Money now circulates to me faster than ever before.
32. Money flows to me like a swollen river.
33. I use the energy of money to generate more life.
34. I am open to new opportunity to receive money.
35. I receive money in ways I never thought possible.
36. I create more business and more circulation than ever before.
37. I understand how to store and track all the money that comes to me.
38. I am responsible with all the money that comes to me now.
39. I attract money now.
40. I am happy to receive.
41. I am delighted to teach others in word and example.
42. I can see myself receiving without even having to open my eyes.
43. I am receiving now.
44. I am receiving money now.
45. I have more than enough.
46. I am grateful
47. I feel rich.


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