Bodyshock: World's Biggest Boy (1/5)





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Published on Jul 19, 2010

Part 1 of 5

At just seven years old Dzhambulat Khatokhov ('Jambik' for short) is four foot three inches tall and weighs 16 stone - as much as a baby elephant. He dwarfs his older brother who is twice his age and less than half his weight.

Nobody knows why Jambik is so big, or what this means for his long-term health. But Dr Campbell - one of the world's leading experts on obesity - is determined to find out.

Travelling over 2000 miles to the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia, Campbell meets the 'biggest boy in the world' to see what, if anything, can be done for him..


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Lisa Marie
"My child is not ill, he's just unique" says the totally insane mother..lol
Catherine Rodriguez
It's a big chance for this kid to die it's sad my dad is diabetic and he eats healthy all day and less junk food he eats. My dad is almost gonna be diabetic free
Alex B 36
Obviously his mothers ill lol
Umm, "Nobody knows why he's so big?" It's the doughnuts, stupid.
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+Catherine Rodriguez Marry me
Catherine Rodriguez
Make poop
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Greg M.
what the hell is 16 stone 
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Mohamed Eltaher
120 kg? my name is Luca the Romania Gherla jud Cluj e Petrești comun Mintiul Gherlii Să ști că eu vorbesc română Dar tu ești din Rusia?
Greg M.
the most replies ive gotten is to this...how sad
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Moses Yang
LOL Russian doctors found nothing wrong, like we are pretending doctors exist in Russia
Perhaps the village plans to fatten him up and butcher him or render him for oil one day.
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BTS GOT 7 of EXO's Jams
omg lol
Catherine Rodriguez
Why would they do that?!?!?!?
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Ryan Abbas
Miley cyrus isn't crazy.. she's just unique
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sand mond
you are cute :)
Мариан Божидаров
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Audra Hollis
shes so proud her son is morbidly obese and WILL DIE if no one intervenes
How can he be unique he is fat
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+TheAgentScarlet bitch I only have fucking four "fat" people in my class.
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Josh Sequeira
I would smack this women across her face for never giving her child a chance to feel like everyone else i mean he probably feels fine but once he turns 15 he will feel like nobody wants him and that he is to fat then he would probably starve himself halfway to death just to loose weight then he will get bullied once he gets into highschool.
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Catherine Rodriguez
+Catherine Rodriguez i mean hospital not bed
Catherine Rodriguez
+Rocko ray Yea that mom is a noob i will be happy of she goes to jail maybe this poor child will have to go to bed
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Reuben Dempsey
That bumper car part at the very beginning got me giggling. 
Milan Patel
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