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Published on Jan 9, 2013

On the invigorating Wednesday, January 9 edition of Infowars Live, Alex Jones confronts the thinly-veiled threats against his life as so-called pundits joke about killing him on nationwide television. He'll continue to explore the media's fascination with his impassioned speech on Piers Morgan Tonight, and also continue to break down their attempts to demonize himself and all law-abiding gunowners.

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shy Lee
You know, what this guy is saying may sound ridiculous to most people but I think its very true. Cops can be bought, as well as lawyers and coroners and judges and especially politicians. All the news reports is what the cops tell them. Then the coroners will simply say this and that and people will believe it. And if it ever goes to trial....judges can simply over rule it or find justice was served and that'll be it. Think it has never happened before???...think again
Brother, you put Piers in his arrogant place. I loved every second of it! The man isn't even allowed in his own dang country cause hes a criminal yet they let this moron come here and attack our freedoms?! you're right he's a redcoat. And he needs to be deported as an enemy of the American people.
George H.
leave powell alone
I'm not going for ANYONE taking my weapons either, BUT!! that CRAZY Alex could have handled that interview WAY BETTER than he did acting like a CRAZY PERSON. I've seen kid's on Piers that handled the interview better than this CLOWN.
billy ramsden
i want to eat LSD with this guy
The things Morgan corrects him on. It is really very simple. Those things he got wrong. I'm talking about the gun crime stats in Britain, which Morgan corrects him on (and which Jones brushes aside like it doesn't matter he got them wrong...) Maybe follow the comment stream where I said this earlier (it was over 6 months ago) before diving headfirst into something you haven't fully comprehended - THAT is the epitome of stupid lol
Jon Diaz
The only thing I see any of you saying is "he was wrong". You don't cite a source, you don't detail why you're side is right and why your source is more credible, you just say "he's wrong". That's the epitome of stupid. 
Why do you need Piers Morgan to be there when you're just going to scream on top of your lungs for 15 minutes straight without taking a breath?
The nutjobs have nothing better to do then come here. Rational people are actual out dealing with real life. Occasionally we have time to debunk a crazy statement or a dozen even...But there are another 100 they want explained...If they can't explain an earthquake then a god must do it...If they can't explain how a plane can hit a building and bring it down, invent govt/media god that did it. 
Matthias Mouse
Yep, everyone who disagrees with you must be a shill, that's logical. Do you just throw that line at everyone because it saves you from having to do any real thinking?
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