Menudo lOve ep.12





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Published on Jan 24, 2009

Jose-pppppppppppppppppppsssssssssssssssttttttttt Reiiina wakey wakey
Jose-wake upppppp
Reiina-go away
Jose-lets go wakey wakey
Reiina-ehhhhhhhhh -pokes joses face-
Jose-wat r u doing
Reiina-lookin for the snooze button
Jose-hahaha -opens window shades-
Reiina-ehhhhhh close em
jose-come downstairs
Reiina-fine imma go to the bathroom and bush my teeth
Jose-ok -goes downstairs-
Reiina-looks out bathroom door, runs to the room and jumps bac into bed-

Carlos-jose she awake yet
Jose-yea shes upstares
Jose-brushing her teeth
Carlos-ok-goes upstares-
Carlos-walks into room-Reiina !!!!!!
Reiina-wat_says sleepy-
Carlos-u gotta wake up im taking you shoppin for something
Reiina-cant we go tomarrow
Carlos-no cause we r leaving tomarrow
Reiina-we?? leaving??
Carlos-come shopping and ill tell you
Reiina-fine ugh
-they both go downstares-
desteny-omg she lives
Brittany-uhhhhh i made breakfast
-everyone eats-
Carlos-reiina go get dressed
Reiina-fine-goes upstairs and gets dressed-happy
Carlos-yep now lets go
Reiina-u like shoppin?
Reiina-cool so were we goin to
Carlos-the mall
Reiina-well duh i mean why r we leaving
Monti-we r goin on tour
chris- and yall 3 are coming
-they get to the mall-
Reiina-we gonna split up?
Carlos-yea imma go wit chu
Chris-imma goo wit desteny
Monti-imma go wit britt
Reiina-okie dokie then
Brittany-we'll go this way
Desteny-and we'll go this way
Reiina-ok carlos u wanna get ur stuff first
Carlos-no ur first
Reiina-no u ill take forever
Carlos-no u
Reiina-no u gosh
Carlos-flip a coin
-carlos flips a coin and lands on tails-
Carlos-lets go to kitson
Reiina-ok i love that store
Carlos-lets go
-they get to kitson and come out with 5 bags each-
Reiina-well i guess we r both done
Carlos-well gives us time to
Reiina-tipy toes and kisses carlos-
-poperozzi(-i cant spell sry) gathers around a takes pics-
Reiina-leave us alone
person1-haha this will be great in the magazine
Reiina-plz just leave us alone
Person2-ashamed to let ur love public
Reiina-we r tryin to keep it less public
Person2-doesnt look like u love him
Reiina-punches person2-dont ever say that
Carlos-lets get outta here-grabs reiinas hand-
-they both run out to the car-
Reiina-wat was that about
Carlos-we never kissed in public yet
Reiina-oh shmit i forgot ur famous
Carlos-isnt that y ur with me
Reiina-no i just love u famous or not
Carlos-leans over and kisses reiina-te amo
Reiina-smiles and giggles-
-everyone else runs into car-
Reiina-i make a big mistake
Desteny-wat happen
-everyone looks at reiina-
Reiina-y yall lookin at me
brittany-u said u made a mistake
Reiina-yea i may have kissed carlos in public-give a innocent smile-
chris-good job
carlos-she didnt kno
reiina-can we please get out of here
-they drive off to home-
Carlos-reiina let me get ur bags
Reiina-i can carry them
carlos-just let me carry them
reiina-no imma do it myself
desteny-wat was that about
reiina-hes always doin stuff for me
brittany-maybe cause he loves you
Reiina-i kno but idk
chris-reiina u ready for tomarrow
Carlos-reiina come -gets into car-
Reiina-ok where we goin-gets into car-
Carlos-youll see
-they drive off to someones house-
reiina-where r we
Carlos-youll see
-they get out can go into house-
ms.olivero-hola mi amor
Carlos-hi mom
Ms.olivero-whos this beautiful young lady is she my new daughter in law
Carlos-this is reiina and yes
Reiina-hola senorita olivero
ms.olivero:hola como esta
Reiina-muy bien y tu
Ms.Olivero-muy bien
Carlos-i didnt kno u knew spanish
Reiina-i kno some
Carlos-mom u ready
Ms.olivero-si lets go
-they all get into the car and drive home-
Carlos-mom u can stay in the guest room
Ms.olivero-ok baby
Reiina-let me get ur bag Ms.olivero
Ms.olivero-so sweet
Carlos- ill get ur other one
-they take ms.oliveros bags to the guest room-
ms.olivero-such a muy bonita room
Reiina-carlos imma pack my bag
carlos-ok-kisses reiina-
-reiina leaves room-
ms.olivero-such a nice gurl
Carlos-i kno shes so beautiful
ms.olivero-carlos baby i kno i havent known her long but i dont think shes right for you
Ms.olivero-i have a weird vibe about her
Carlos-wats wrong with her
Ms.olivero-shes too nice
Carlos-but she loves me
Ms.olivero-so she says i bet shes cheatin on you
Carlos-how we spend every minute together
Ms.olivero-is she always on the phone
Carlos-no i thought u'd be happy for me happy that i found the perfect one
Ms.olivero-well i dont like her
Carlos-you dont ever kno her-leaves room-
-carlos goes to the room wit reiina-

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