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Uploaded on Nov 22, 2006

Annotations Added. Hoping this clears up extensive visual confusions. -_-
A larper and a monster who lost his head have a non-rehearsed one-on-one fight in the middle of battle. Vortex Adventures, Netherlands

EDIT: This I wrote as a response to some comments, and since this keeps on coming up, I thought to paste it here.


First, the guy is crying out "CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH!!" as a call for damage so the guy in the heavy suit actually knows he's being hit. (not dish dish or doosh doosh or whatever)

Each larp system is different. But in Vortex Adventures (this one here, being the larget group in the Netherlands at 700 or so players) they have you start out with your character at 1 hitpoint per location. Arm, arm, leg leg, torso. You are also given 15 points to spend on skills from a list of stuff (anything from being able to hold a sword, to casting spells or knowing what In Game herbs look like). Armour costs some of these points and can give extra hit points.
If someone hits you on you arm, you act like a bloody metal sword just went and sliced your arm open. Acting comes in and you play out pain. If someone hits your TORSO, and you only have 1 point there, you go down and start counting down in your head from 10 minutes. There are varying levels of damage one can take, a basic hit and you're on the ground, is the most common. The Crush thing will often make the countdown shorter, or will make it harder to heal you.
Healing is a skill you can put points into. It takes minimum 7 points to get the skill, then a person can just lean over and act out a type of ritualistic druidictype healing thing. Lay On Hands, so to speak. Herbal skills can help those with Alchemy skills to make healing potions. And lets not get too far into Mana, magic using. Each magical skill: priests, mages, healers etc...they get a certain amount of Mana points per day to spend. once a healer is out of mana (1 per point per location) then they can no longer heal. Period. And a person cannot heal themselves if they are layin unconscious on the ground, bleeding out. It's really a major Suspension of Disbelief and acting for days on end on a stage with only you and the other actors as the audience. So you can forget feeling self conscious, coz everyone else is doing the same around you. A character will die when their torso is on 0 and they ran out of minutes. I have lost 1 from 2 years of playing, others have lost characters almost every single event (three main events per year), and make new ones and be inventive (within the rules and guidelines of course. If you want to be a public homicidal maniac, you have a life expectancy often of an hour or two). But some have lost characters after 10 years of playing, and some have KEPT the same character for that long and still live it. But there are other larps, and they can go try new rules and make new characters. Imagination is not just for the young.


http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=0r7Qjlg... Dedication to Imagination might explain a bit more about it.


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