Seventh-day Adventist Church by James White (1) [Episode Five] Money is the Honey





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Uploaded on Aug 7, 2010

This channel was created at the request of my father, James Wilson White, M.D. (fka Percival Wilson White). Our original plan was to work on this project together.

In late 1988 my father, Wilson, and mother, Norma Christensen (fka Norma White), began fabricating and spreading lies about my husband, David Steiner (fka Vernon Lee Leggett). As time went on their obsession to destroy David grew to the point where they and their supporters began pressuring the authorities to imprison David as quickly as possible.

Although it took longer than they had hoped, my parents' attack on David allowed some dishonest people to take advantage of and add to the image of David they had created. These opportunists became the prosecutor's star witnesses, and their false testimonies led to the wrongful indictment, 1996 conviction and imprisonment of two innocent men--my husband, David, and our friend, John Thiele--who were punished for a white-collar crime that never even happened.

My husband, David, was clearly the target. But our friend, John Thiele, was dragged into the indictment. After many stressful years of trying to defend himself from false allegations, John ended up serving 2 ½ years in prison and to this day carries a huge judgment against him because he wasn't willing to compromise his integrity by adding to the lies in order to save himself.

Knowing of my never ending desire to expose the wrongs that have been perpetrated against David and John, my father began sharing important information with us. He told us that Elder Robert Folkenberg started communicating with him in 1989, just before he became President of the World Church of Seventh-day Adventists, and that Folkenberg sought his help in destroying David and promised to use his influence to support my father's anti-David campaign.

Just before my father retired from his medical practice and moved to Canada to be near his Seventh-day Adventist siblings in December of 2006, he provided me with new facts and paperwork. As I studied my father's documents, I found myself too shocked, hurt and angry to be able to question him about the unbelievable information I was learning about my mother, siblings, and him.

Knowing that I desperately needed answers to try to find emotional closure regarding the family I was born into and raised in, David found the strength to respectfully interview my father on my behalf. My father answered our questions, but I began to feel like he was becoming concerned that he would end up looking bad if he continued to help me with this project.

After living near his SDA family members for a few years, and due to personal financial pressures, my father has changed his tune. He is no longer supportive of this project and has started claiming that he did nothing to hurt David. He has also begun threatening to get the authorities to help him put David and me in prison if we don't repay him the money he loaned me when he was trying to help us heal from the emotional and financial destruction he caused.

When I was young and naïve I didn't believe that my parents were capable of extinguishing all of my hopes and dreams by attacking the man they knew I loved and planned to marry. However, those years are long gone. I am now middle-aged, my husband and I have lost the best years of our lives, and my husband is permanently emotionally and physically disabled as a direct result of the multiple injustices that have been perpetrated against him over the past twenty plus years.

I wish my parents were the people I thought they were when I was young, instead of the untrustworthy, selfish, manipulative, religious fanatics that they are. I used to want them to be proud of me, and prayed that they would be protected from anything bad ever happening to them.

After studying the past forty years of my father's life, I am sure that David, John, their family members and business associates are not the only people my father has hurt. I now believe that there are many other people who would be grateful for any insight into how their lives became derailed after they tried to befriend and/or do business with my father.

If the information in this channel is offensive to you, the reader, then please don't waste your time reading or watching it. When telling untruths my father is extremely believable, and I cannot allow myself to delay defending my family from his lies. Thus, I have decided to place this information on the internet so that government agencies, that my father claims he is actively trying to manipulate into imprisoning my husband and me, will have access to this important information.

At this stage of my life, I should be protecting my father and making sure he is okay. I am angry at him for taking that honor away from me. Now, without my father's blessing, I must move forward with this project alone.


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