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Published on Feb 19, 2018

"the handler" is our second upload of 2018, and I should introduce this by saying "and now, for something completely different". I no longer limit myself to just ambient music, even though the majority of the music I create is ambient or has elements of ambient within it. However - this song does not. it Is not ambient, and was done literally for a moment of fun, a joyful burst of rock and roll energy - in between the ambient tracks.

Recently, I've begun playing what I would call "standard guitar" (as opposed to ambient loop guitar or ambient guitar, which has been my main area of work since the late 1980s. So in between the many sessions I work on, sometimes, a small beast that owes much much more to Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix will appear, just for the sheer fun of it. "the handler" - is definitely one of those pieces. It has a very simple structure, and the melodies I play are completely improvised - well actually, the entire piece is improvised, because the chords I play are in no way pre-conceived. I pick a key (in this case E major or E minor) and I play something - I hope something good, that also rocks, will appear. And in the case of "the handler" - I think I was fortunate, and the rock and roll gods were smiling down on me when I do that first slide down the low string into the song.

the piece, like so many that I perform, is wholly improvised, I went in with absolutely no pre-conception of the song besides which patch I might use. I am aware that is is technically, imperfect, but I liked the second half of the track so much, that I can put up with the slight hesitancy of the first two small lead guitar breaks. I do really enjoy the two longer, more complex lead breaks I made after those first two, and then - the song is so short, it starts to wind down right away! Just a fleeting idea...and it fleeted right away into nothingness.

I don't often post these interludes of rock and roll, it must seem a bit incongrous that "the handler" comes from the same session as the previous video, "inside a dream" - but honestly, doing this kind of rock exercise really loosens me up, and actually, doing these rock tracks "in between" is a great way to relax for the longer, more introspective ambient pieces. Variety is the spice of...the electric guitar vocabulary. I love being able to do both, and change between them in the blink of an eye - from the quietest of quiet places, to the raging guitar rock storm of pieces like this one.

so without further ado, here is the shortest rock song in my current (improv) canon: "the handler".

“the handler” was recorded live to digital on February 3rd, 2018, and was improv 15. take 1 on the day.

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