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Super Mario World Hack Review - A New Year Walk





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Uploaded on Jan 1, 2009


What's up!
Let's start out 2009 with a hack review, shall we? ^_^
It's just a little present, nothing extraordinary.
I wish you all a happy new year, and I would also like to thank you all for your support, it really helped me out this year.

Special thanks to Maatan (MAATIR), for helping me out with timing, even with the short time, he was accurate enough as to get everything ready for today.

So, this is a beautiful hack, be sure to step by SMWCentral and check it out, you'll enjoy it.
Let's start =)




Hack: A New Year Walk

Author: Mattan

Author's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/MAATIR

File: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=showhack...


SXZ Review:


Score: 97 / 100

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 10
Level Design: 8
Music: 10
Sound: 10
Difficulty: 10
Sprites: 10
Tilt: 10
Storyboard: 10
Originality: 10

Better for: Veterans



-Cool overall custom graphics
-Innovative blocks
-Beautiful music
-Nice ambience



-No checkpoints
-Time limit
-One level


"Interesting, original & adorable"

The game starts with a lovely ambience, and everything looks really fancy.
Okay so, when you begin, you must decide where to go, since you start in the middle of everything, and there are a lot of Toads everywhere; all of them tell you different things, so it's kind of nice to speak to all of them and all that stuff.
The music's something that I found really enjoyable, most of it comes from Mario Galaxy™, certainly, I find it exquisite, and it fits perfectly the whole hack, every single part of it.
One thing that you can find disturbing is level design, it becomes pretty frustrating to slide through a diagonal corner and end up falling (to die), not to mention some inconveniently placed plants, that force you to get hit by an enemy if you try to avoid them, still, those can be considered difficult points, but it must be said that level design affects most of the circumstances, so yeah, one point out of there.
So, returning to difficulty, it's not easy, but it's not hard, so yeah, again, it's a hack for veterans, even veterans might need to retry a few times before clearing the level, still, difficulty's consistent, in a nice way.
It must be remarked that in some games it can be REALLY frustrating to die and need to restart the whole game because of it.
This game is an example of it, lamentably.
There are no checkpoint bars, and the whole hack consists of one level, so dying once means that you must start all over; this, combined with the level design issue, creates a weak point in the hack, but still, with some practice, you get used to the layout of the hack.
On a side note, the time limit (600) should have been extended or removed, since it limits the player, and because of that you aren't allowed to explore the game comfortably, but again, after a few tries, you can get used to the whole level and clear it faster.
Now, a really great addition are the physics-altering blocks, there are two different types on this hack: "jumping blocks" and "wall-jumping blocks".
The jumping blocks are meant to make you jump (duh) really high, and the wall-jumping blocks help you jump from one wall to another, they are really interesting and fun to use, and you must learn to use them in order to get all the batteries.
Oh yeah, the batteries.
The Koopas scattered the 5 batteries from the fireworks machine, and you're meant to find them all and return them to that machine, in this way, you clear the game.
As you may have expected, the 5 batteries are the Dragon Coins from the original SMW (AKA Yoshi Coins) edited.
The story is original, since we're talking about a new year hack (which is original enough already); we wouldn't expect that Mario would go to the moon to celebrate with Peach; oh, and the whole fireworks machine stuff is cool, too.
Overall, the game's really nice, and even though it's really short, even if it frustrates you a lot, even if you find the purpose of the game stupid, even if all those things bother you, it really puts a smile on your face.

Yeah.. O_o

So, is it worth the try?

Oh, hell yeah!
Be sure to beat it, it's really short, and even if the whole video footage screwed up the surprise, you'll find it satisfactory to beat it yourself, so of course, let it be in your hacked collection =)

So this is it for today, this review starts out 2009, and I hope you enjoyed it, be sure to get those purposes done in this year and thanks for commenting, rating and even subscribing, thanks for all the support, and have a great year =)

Stay tuned!


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