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Published on Dec 11, 2012
In theaters June 14th.

From Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures comes "Man of Steel", starring Henry Cavill, directed by Zach Snyder. The film also stars Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Henry Lennix, Christopher Meloni and Laurence Fishburne.

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Comments • 42,439

"My Father believed that if the haters watched this movie, they'd reject it. He was CONVINCED that the haters were not ready for such a new, serious take on Superman. What do you think?"
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joseph barker
I found this movie quite an interesting take on the Superman lore, And was the movie that starting DC live-action cinematic Universe to rival Marvel.
oneshot perrotte
I love the why the dceu is! 
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Man of Steel
its 2016 and after watching this movie so many times i still got goosebumps while watching this trailer
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The Man Without Fear
hey you can't steal my name like that
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Man of Steel: about fathers Batman v Superman: about mothers Justice league: about a brotherhood
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Winter Naomi Vera
Except that it's not what ends the fight, no more than Luke cutting off Vader's hand ends the fight in Return of the Jedi. It's the fact that Batman, like Luke, doesn't want to become the very evil he spent his life fighting against.
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Jarl Knudsen
It's interesting how all the timeless masterpieces were disliked by many fans and critics when they first came out, mostly because they broke new ground. Critics didn't like Alien, gave 2001: A Space Odyssey bad reviews, weren't too keen on Batman Begins, et cetera. Then a few years go by, and the same people laud them as landmark films. I think we will see that with Man of Steel. Once the DC Universe movies are in full swing, Man of Steel with get some reevaluation in a new light, and it will get the praise it deserves (though already some critics are already changing their minds about it... it's amazing how fast that happens these days).
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The name's Deadpool
How exactly did Man of Steel "break new ground"? From Batman Begins to BvS, DC movies (barring Green Lantern), stuck to the whole "we must be dark, gritty, and Batman-y, because that's what the fans want". And they all sucked because of it (except Green Lantern, which just sucked). Unlike the Star Wars prequels (bear with me), which people ARE coming around to (can't say the same for Force Awakens), Man of Steel didn't leave any emotional impact, or add anything substantial to the character or story, not to me anyway, and based on reviews, I'm not the only one. The Star Wars prequels may have had questionable execution in terms of acting and dialogue, but at least they added to the Star Wars lore, they felt different yet familiar, and they were still fun movies. Man of Steel isn't fun, it's grimy and depressing, and Superman acts nothing like the Superman people love, and no, just because he's a "new" or "modern" Superman, it doesn't automatically excuse his lack of personality or likability, or that people were biased to some previous interpretation. Based on that logic, I could defend George Clooney's Batman as simply a misunderstood interpretation of the character for that time. Superhero movies lately don't really break any ground at all, except maybe for Avengers, in that a crossover movie CAN be done right if you have the right talented team and budget, and enough passion. But at least the Marvel movies are fun, and no, just because they're fun, it doesn't make them "kiddie" or "childish". If you think only kids can have fun, then I feel bad for whatever adulthood you or any one who says that has had. Marvel movies are witty, tongue-in-cheek, and know what they are, but they still know when to slow down and be serious. DC movies, up until the decent Wonder Woman movie anyway, all tried too hard to be serious, to feel grim, to be "dark", and it just wasn't enjoyable. It may work for some heroes, like Batman, Daredevil, Punisher, etc, but not for heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, Flash, etc. As for Batman Begins, as Jose Arrocha said, it had good reviews from the start, what it DIDN'T have was popularity. The normies who saw Dark Knight (and claimed to be DC fans, and the only fans WB and DC listened to for a while) didn't even know it existed until they saw the trailer for Dark Knight Rises, and saw that it was the end of a "trilogy". I still remember when I was younger how other people seemed confused that Dark Knight was a "sequel", and didn't know what others were talking about when they mentioned Batman Begins.
Katya Lapada
Hallway Comics
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Director Krennic
Did you guys know Man of Steel was the highest ever box office opening movie in June at the time of its release- second now- and sold over $100 million's worth of Blu Rays in three months? Furthermore, it had an A- Cinemascore on release and got really good word of mouth, which is largely why a lot of my family wanted to see it with me. Still holds a 7.2 on IMDB which is by no means a bad score. I truly do think a lot of the hate is bandwagon internet hate, and not just from people's inability to express most of their 'criticism.' That's not to say it's without valid criticism, but most people I talk to in real life, recognizing a great deal of people just don't look at Rotten Tomatoes, let alone actually read a lot of reviews, think it was pretty great. It would be completely true to say it was a successful movie; both financially, and, despite what random hate might tell you, on whole, critically. And now we show some love for this trailer. GIMME THE NEXT BVS ONE.
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diabolical hue
Director Krennic most people are casuals like me. I loved this new take on superman
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Neil alvares
Underrated masterpiece
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charming mohammed
Fuck those haters complaining about that film , oooohh too much destruction ohh he killed zod , go read the fucking comics idiots , that movie was the greatest super hero movie of all time
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Avenged Nightmare
Fuck you critics, Fuck you trolls of the internet the only opinion that should matter is the viewer if you think this movie sucked good for you But for me I think this movie is the best super hero movie of all time....My inner child came out of me watching this and it inspired me to be just like Superman and be a better "human" being..
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Neil Patil
Avenged Nightmare right with you
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You know a trailer is great when you still come back to watch it even though you've watched the movie. It just gives me chills and inspires me! 
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Swapnil Jadhav
The music , visual and narration are soo spot on! Indeed a masterpiece!
True that... This is one of the best trailers of a movie!
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James Brooksjr
IDC what anyone says, I loved every second of this movie. Its very inspiring and I will continue to protect this movie...
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+The JuanTrueKaiser Troll?
The JuanTrueKaiser
+Nightsilver Nothing will be improved with that attitude then.
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