Eminem - No Love (Explicit Version) ft. Lil Wayne





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Published on Sep 29, 2010

Music video by Eminem performing No Love. (C) 2010 Aftermath Records
#VEVOCertified on July 30, 2012. http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified

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People are hating on Wayne but his verse is really good. Are you actually listening? These two rappers compliment each other so well. They are the epitome of modern rap. 
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jhefferson mario
Eminem songs never gets old
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Didier Detchemendy
ofc, that's why i said "very well said".
Excel Dmong
have you heard rap god by any chance:)
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Shadow Blinky
When Lil Wayne doesn't ruin a song.
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Marshall 143
everybody said this song helped them to lose weights .. hell this song helped my dick to increase in size
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Ghost Omega
may 5th still listening !
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Jackaboy Vlogs
Ghost Omega may 5th is my bday 😂
Ghost Omega I fucking hate may 5th. But this song makes it a bit better. and Drop the world makes it a slightly better day, and then turn on today was a good day by ice cube and then those words become a reality
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person n.1
Did he say " where is Kanye when you need him?" 😂 I love you Eminem #respect
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RmR Reviews ITA
I'm not sure the Kanye-Swift thingy had happened yet
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Brian Scalabrine
Eminem logic: "why would I join them when I can beat em" KD logic: "why would I beat em when I can join them"
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Enzo Pogi
the GOAT speaks
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Gabriel Mosely
Lil wayne's verse is slow but clever. Eminem's was fast and ruthless. This is real rap
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Marley Taylor b
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pintér Vilmos
Who is listening yet? :D 2017
Perry Guidry
fucking love it.. fuck everyone
Rafael Pereira
Since 2010 😁
DJ Beye
I Really would wish people would stop comparing Eminem, to Lil Wayne. I Really don't care whose better then each other, all i know is they both make good music, and has sold millions of Records. All i am saying is i respect both of them for staying in the music industry for 10yrs+ And not being one hit wonders*. They are one of the reasons why i am a Rapper myself. I jus turned 18 yrs old, and i work my ass off being the best Rapper i can possibly be... im also trying my best to get my songs out there. All i ask is you listen to a few of my songs, and tell me how i did? It may not seem like nothing, but you doing this could really help me achieve my dream. thanks yall
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Free At Last
DJ Beye Please listen to what I have to say. Your youthful innocence and naivete is taken advantage of by these arseholes in the music industry who use your hopes and dreams to make sure you're in their pocket for ever. Eminem is like every other artist in the music industry. He sold out early in his career in order to become as big as he is. It's not possible to get that big without selling out and basically giving your life and soul to the music companies. Just listen to the speech Michael Jackson gave where he tells how those people are actually evil. And listen to what his sister said after he was killed. She said how he wasn't even allowed personal phone calls, he was constantly monitored and never allowed out of his house which became his prison. Obviously it was covered up but he was murdered and I don't believe the allegations of paedophilia either I think those were a smear campaign. There are tons of stars who finally decide they don't want to live like that any more and they start telling their story. Without fail something happens to them to make them seem crazy so no one believes what they say. For example Britney Spears. She was molded into the public persona we see, from birth pretty much. Like many other stars she was in the Disney Club from like 3 years old. These people are used and abused by the music industry and either end up dead or they have a meltdown etc. There are so many examples of it. So please be careful. Research what I've just told you. It isn't just popstars it's rappers too and rocks tars, everyone. Tupac knew what was going on, lots of rappers are on record telling how it is. Look on YouTube, you can easily find rappers telling how you have to have sex with music industry fat cats in order to get where you want. They think they are getting their dream but what they actually get is the worst nightmare imaginable. Please just research what I've said. Please don't go that route, don't sell your soul, what I've said isn't a conspiracy theory it's truth. Just check for yourself. At least be aware of what you're getting into so at least you have a choice in whether you give yourself to the evil, twisted music industry. Peace x
Asim Ghaffar
You're on every fucking video. You say some shit then "...all I am trying to say is yada yada yada". Give it a break man
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