Steve Jobs: Back of the Line (iPad Mini Parody)





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Published on Oct 21, 2012

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Steve Jobs and Tim Cook begin a new chapter in the Apple saga, rhymin' and stealin' their way through the launch of the iPad Mini, but this product unboxing doesn't go quite as planned...

Go watch the smash hit the started it all - Steve Jobs: Resurrection http://youtu.be/GXr1kmuqGcU

Directed by: Aaron Simpson
Written by: Andy Ochiltree and Aaron Simpson
Music Production by: Markaholic http://www.markaholic.com/
"Bownce" as Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos http://www.youtube.com/THICK7music
Eric Bauza as Tim Cook and Fanboy
Mark Byers with backing vocals
Produced by: Mondo Media Inc. http://www.youtube.com/MondoMedia
Executive Producer: John Evershed
Producers: Stevie Wynne Levine, April Pesa

Animation Production by: Smiley Guy Studios http://www.smileyguy.com/
Executive Producer: Jonas Diamond
Animation Director: Denny Silverthorne
Producer: Mike Valiquette
Production Manager: Julie Otten
Animation Supervisor: Mateusz Garbulinski
Design Concepts: Aaron Hong
Editor: Denny Silverthorne
Storyboard Artist: Stephanie Ramon, Rich Duhaney
Design Supervisor: Aaron Hong
Design: Aaron Hong, Kurtis Scott, Peter Habjan
Background Design: Vladimir Kato
Aaron Hong
Craig Schriver
Darien Ardell
Joel Chahal
Joseph Lague
Kurtis Scott
Mateusz Garbulinski
Nathan Carey
Peter Habjan
Rich Duhaney
Visual Effects: Joel Gregorio, Rich Duhaney

COOK (OFF SCREEN): Hey there, Apple fans.
COOK: I know how much you all enjoyed Steve's rap last time, so I've got a special guest for you...
COOK: MC Cook!
COOK: Geoffrey, drop the . . . BEAT!
Hey there Apple fans, it's your main man Cook!
Saying rhymes, um, on time, errr, books . . .
COOK: What the hay-fever?!
COOK: Oh sass-parilla, here we go again.
I'm back! I'm back!
I'm b-b-b-b-b-b-b-back bitches!
(again) Stealin' the show
Sold a hundred trillion phones with my hustle-and-flow
I'm a stoner cuz I rock -- I love cheeba the most
I'd be the dopest man alive if I wasn't a ghost! (boo!)
Now let me take you back to two-thousand-and-nine
When the famous iPad was just a glint in my eye
We had the iPhone (check), we had the macbook
"But I wonder what's in between?" I said to Cook.
We brought the phone into photoshop, free transform
Add a chunky-ass border and the pad was born
And just like that - we changed up the game
Watching Epic Meal Time would never be the same
Now I'm comin' on back to Earth to give birth
to a tiny iPad, and explode my net worth

You just bought our gadgets- buy some more
You're already hangin' out at the store
Pull out your quarters, nickels, and dimes
And get your gadget-lovin' ass to the back of the line

I know you're droolin, but it's worth the wait --
Our most innovative innovation to date!
COOK: What?! Where's the iPad mini?
JOBS: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com!
BEZOS (spoken): You know, Steve, I won't go so far as to call you a liar...but I liked the mini a lot more when it was called the Kindle Fire!
What's the matter, bro? U mad?
Cause your Fire can't hold a flame to the iPad?
If you coming at me -- don't even try it
Cause I'll shut you down faster than a Foxconn riot
Hello Steve? It's reality callin.
Your marketing plan's crash landed, disbanded, and now its beach ballin!
You're clutching at straws - it's really sad
You're reminiscin' of Rick Moranis in "Honey I Shrunk the iPad"
Congrats on makin' tracks and givin' sales tax the axe
So you could relax, while peddlin' raggedy, used paperbacks!
(laughs) You're right Steve, my existence is a failure
I'm only the guy that started the world's biggest online retailer
iPods, ipads, iPhones,
You're takin' everyone else's ideas and you're callin 'them your own!
History don't give a f*ck who ripped it or stole it
They write about the Mac Daddy who got up on the stage and sold it
I've sold a fair share of iStuff in my time
Now get your nerdy ass down to the back of the line!
BEZOS: Dude!
Oh- one last thing before the song is done
I'm-a teabag Bill Gates again just for fun!
You just bought our gadgets- buy some more
You're already hangin' out at the store
Pull out your quarters, nickels, and dimes
And get your gadget-lovin' ass to the back of the line
COOK: Yo! Yo! Yo! How do you like them raps?
JOBS: Tim, go fix apple maps.


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