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Published on May 23, 2009

I am aware that the colors aren't correct and the Len and Rin twins aren't both girls. I am aware that the words do not match the lyrics at all. As I said below, this is my own take on it.

I made this video with my friend for our class final (Which got marked down a bit for the blood ^^; but still an A!)

The characters are OC's from the story I'm writing, "For the Love in her Eyes"

Since it's hard to understand, I'll explain briefly the story of the video for each Alice.
*In these stars tell facts from the actual book*

The Blue Alice
The Spade Suit of Wrath
The Card causes Kaida to go insane and kill everyone in her path with her new dragon powers, including close friends and family. *In the story, Kaida is half Dragon due to lab testing in the future* She becomes aware of her awful wrath and fills her heart with sorrow..

The Yellow Alice
The Diamond Suit of Greed
The Card gives the poor boy Valen an eye that can see into the future *He has an eye similar to this in the book* and can predict the outcome to anything he wants, including bets to make money. Due to this, he becomes greedy to the new incline in wealth. Until one day, however, his eye contracts and goes crazy. This causing large bursts of blood and pain (Obviously looses his ability and sight)

The Red Alice
The Club Suit of Lust
The Card makes her practically irrespirable to all the boys and makes her very popular among them. Do to this new popularity and love from the boys, she becomes very lustful. She grow to be so full of Lust, she kills all who doesnt please her or give her what she wants. Sometimes she just killed them for the joy of it. Over time, she became the human siren and lured boys into her deadly trap. She soon falls in love with Valen, the Yellow prince, who has no interest in her whatsoever. *In the book, they both fell in love with each other.* In the end though, Cyake becomes unsatisfied with his lack of interest in her and kills him, killing the first Alice. While Cyake is distracted by her new kill, Kaida sneaks up behind her and kills her too. *Which is quite ironic since they are each others best and only friend*

Masy and Kira
The Green Alice Twins
The Heart Suit of Envy
The Card makes Masy (The older hesitant twin) and Kira (The youngest passionate twin) obsessed with death. *In the story, they arent really twins. Masy is Kaidas sister, while Kira is Kaidas daughter from the future. So that makes them in reality Niece and Aunt O.o but they make good twins for this because they both hate Kaidas guts. Also, Valen is Masys son* The Twins look at all the death caused by the past 3 Alices, and become full of Envy because of it. They want to kill someone for themselves, which they do by killing Kaida.
In the end, all die except Kira (She kills Masy)

I do wish I used the Heart for Cyake instead, but I wanted it to fit the original Alice Human Sacrifice video as much as I could. Overall though, I am quite happy with it!

The song was originally a Vocaloid song, but it was remade by real people.

This video is loosing based off of the Vocaloid video. (Please dont say anything rude about it, if you do I will ignore your comment and move on.

Illustrations by: Silentwish
http://www.youtube.com/user/silentwish This is her account, go visit!
Colored and put together by: ME

Rights to the Characters belong to ME!
Rights to the song belongs to whoever redid the song and creators of the Vocaloids


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