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Published on Apr 22, 2012

** Update Oct 29th. This project has been cancelled **

(23/02/2014: re-uploaded from the closed website)

I hate to be the bringer of bad news,
but the film adaptation of My Little Dashie is now cancelled.

Now that is out of the way for people to say "Told you it would never happen" to spark up some flame wars,
for those still interested why this is happening, here is the run down.

I spoke briefly on twitter how I was searching for contacts.
Since now that I took /forever/ to get everything ready for the film to go into production (screenplay, props, music, direction etc)
The current crew that I've had collaborating and helping out with the film have all gone separate ways

- Full Time Job
- Moved to a different part of the country for educational reasons
- And finals at college with no major spare time in hand.

I've been scouting around the local area to find people with experience in the film-making world to come on board with the project.
Most of them wanted payment for their collaboration with the project which was out of the question.

Now I know what your thinking at this point
"Why didn't you just do a kick-starter so you could get the money?"

I would have started a kick-starter sooner but I couldn't ask for money from people if I know the film was unbalanced to begin with, It would be as bad as gambling but with others fortune.
Meaning I didn't have a solid crew, location planning, time management etc and with all of those going on there was a chance the movie was not going to be made, I didn't want people to give me money on something even I didn't know would be published in the end.
There was an agreement on how the money would be spent if it did go through, at first was to obtain money towards "Props and Location" and that was it - If I payed money for: Actors, Crew and Animators etc,
there would be a huge copyright problem between that and Hasbro (since it would look like I'm getting too much money from their creation.

In regards back to the contracts thing.

Last year I went to a summer film school that had a lot of experienced students
Some of them have wrote scripts for TV and even won awards for independent short films.
During the film school I did pitched to them the idea of this one but most of them said that "they're moving back to their hometown" in Europe.

My last and only chance left for freelanced experienced local crew members to aid me with the filming was down to this course I've applied to now (after just finishing college)
Same location and staff as the Summer film school and I was hoping to finally get the crew members I've been anticipating for months after college....

I was wrong.

Right now I'm all out of options, the stress levels have been building up a lot and so I just want to drop this project for the sake of mental health.
It was more than I could chew for an "experienced student aiming for a big independent film adaptation"
I wanted to do it for an achievement stamp, to look back and say "Yeah I did that" but nah, looks like that isn't going to happen.

Its my fault to blame, I mucked up big time when it came to "organizing and planning"
I just started off with the trailer, literally I had nothing else planned other than a few research folders and the storyboard for the trailer. There was no plan in mind about making it a full-length movie (popular demand spoke otherwise)

You see there? that is one place to mess up on, releasing the trailer first then do everything else later. A lot of waiting for audiences and making them pissed off when deadlines are pushed back further and more stress for you for getting everything done.
Don't make my mistake if you want to do an adaptation of this film also, follow the guidelines of how films or short films should be made "first being the structure/ideas" then to "scripting".


What about all of the props and equipment I bought over the years?
The props will all go into the attic (maybe give away to charity in a few years) and the filming equipment I'll keep for now.

What about all of the storyboards, scripts, research and overall progress on the films development and would you share it with others?
All of the progress work will be put printed out and put into a folder and everything I worked on will be great experience for other things (literally if I didn't do this project I would have never self-studied more immensely learning things that pushed me up in the experience ladder)
and as for sharing...As much as I would love to, there's always gonna be that "Guy who steals and credits as his own work" which has happened so many times before and I'm keeping hold onto the script.

I would like to apologize of the lack of updates and responses from e-mail. I've been recouping from a burn out after the college finale and high anxiety.


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