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Published on Mar 23, 2012

OMG 9x11. (p.s spoilers for 9.11)

WOWOWWWOOW.. that episode was probs one of THE best of oth EVER.
i must say i was crying through about 80% of that episode, if not more, it was soo sad, and so amazing, and so many OMG moments, well mainly just 1 but you know ;) LOL

my top 3 moments of the episode (no order):
- dan&nathan at the rivercourt ("you're my father and i love you")
- naley reunion
- haley&dan scene (+jamie and lydia) - ("when lydia asks about her grandpa dan, we will tell her how much he loved his grandchildren")

so first of all R.I.P Dan Scott.
now for the dan rant! lmao ;)
- first time i was watching the show, seasons 1 - 3 i hated dan (well disliked him a lot!), then it got to 3x16...and i dunno, honestly keith's death didn't have much of an impact on me, or at least as far as i remember...then the season went on and s4 etc, and i started to feel sorry for dan, we found out why he killed keith, and i geuninely felt sorry for dan, of course keith too, but i really felt bad for dan, and have never really hated him for killing keith... :S
so yeah, i've actually, pretty much always loved dan, and he has/ had [ :'( ] WAY more personality than keith, and keith was just too nice, he always had to be the hero and the one everyone loved, so i dunno i think keith prevented dan from being the good guy he always could've been,
so the bit when keith and dan were talking right at the end, i dunno, don't get me wrong i like keith, but it's like this season is supposed to be about dan being the hero and not keith, and then keith goes and says "i forgive you, danny" or whatever, and it's like 'UGH' becuase keith always has to be better than dan..so yeah, i dunno i just love dan way more...TEAM DAN. (lol)

anyway, that episode was PERFECT and everything about it was awesome, but omg, the bit when nathan ran out of the room and we saw keith, i was literally like ':oooooooooooooooooo" it was just like one of the biggest 'omg' moments EVER. LOL

+ oh and i LOVED that deb came back for this episode, i know she was in 9x08, but i honestly thought we'd never see deb again, so i was SO happy when she came back in this episode! WOO TEAM SCOTT! lmao :G
(the scott family RULE.)

- "so my dad's gonna die?"
- "i don't think i'm gonna make it this time jame.."
- "noo!"
- "i'm sorry son"
- "i know you're gonna have to tell her about me some day.."
- "and some day she's gonna ask me where her daddy is.."
- "i'm sorry for that"
- "when lydia asks about her grandpa dan, we will tell her how much he loved his grandchildren"
- "it really helped, to have that closure. maybe that's what you need"
- "there are a lot of people you need to say 'i'm sorry' to, but i'm not one of them."
- "no matter what you've done, you're still my father...you're my father and i love you"
- "oh nathan...i love you too"
- "so what do you wanna play to?"
- "let's not keep score. for once, let's just play to play"
- "hi, danny"
- "i know where you're going, but what about me?"
- "don't worry little brother, you're my plus one"


(+ nathan:"just friends and family" - dan:"i didn't think i had any")

* this entire episode is just like 'WHY, GOD WHY?! NOOOO!' lol

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*i own nothing but the editing

R.I.P Dan Scott.


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