By Your Side (A Jemi Story) E22 S2 {I hate you!}





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Uploaded on Jul 3, 2009

Episode 22

*An hour later*
Demi: *Still sitting outside on the steps at the Jonas' house*
Joe: *Comes outside and sits next to her* Hey. *Smiles*
Demi: *Doesn't look at him* Hey.
Joe: Look, I'm sorry for not spending more time with you guys.
Demi: *Looks at him*
Joe: It's just...
Demi: Taylor?
Joe: *Smiles and nods* Yeah... *His smile fades* Wait- you said that weird.
Demi: *Looks away* No I didn't...
Joe: Yeah you did!
Demi: Ok look. When she left, she started talking to me.
Joe: Yeah...
Demi: She said for me to stay away from you.
Joe: *Yelling* Did Nick set you up to this?
Demi: Joe, hear me out. I love you like a brother and I always will. But you have to trust me on this.
Joe: *Stands up* What ever! Taylor is sweet, kind, and-
Demi: *Stands up* Evil!!
Joe: *Glares at her* Gah Demi I hate you! *Goes back into the house*
Demi: *A tear rolls down her cheek and she sits back down on the step*

*With Joe*
Joe: *Walks into his room and sits on his bed*

Joe's POV:
Who are they kidding? Taylors perfect. She's sweet, kind, and I like her a lot. Stupid Nick and Demi. Now watch. Selena will call me and try to convice me that Taylor's evil. I mean come on, look at her, she's perfect.

Nick: *Walks into Joe's room*
Joe: What do you want? Come in here to talk more about Taylor?
Nick: *Mad* Dude I don't even care about that anymore! Go ahead! Date her! *Get's closer to him and yells* But if you ever yell at my little sister again, you're going to be the one hurting! Got it?
Joe: *Shakes his head and looks the other way*
Nick: What's gotten into you? No don't answer that. Taylor. *Walks out of his room and slams the door*
Joe: *Thinks: I yelled at Demi? What has gotten into me? I still love her. Gah Joe! You need to get over her! You don't have a chance.

*With Demi*
Demi: *Still sitting on the step outside*
Nick: *Walks out and sits by her* There. I yelled at him for you. Feel better now?
Demi: *Smiles a little* A little bit.
Nick: *Smiles at her and laughs*
Demi: *Giggles* Do it again! *Laughs more*
Nick: *Laughs more*
Selena: *Walks up to them* Hey no laughing allowed without me!
Demi: *Still laughing* Nick just yelled at Joe for me!
Selena: What did he do?
Nick: Anyone who makes my little sis cry, *Puts his arm around Demi* get's it back!
Selena: He made you cry Dem?
Demi: Yeah, but i'm over him.
Selena: I'm not! Anyone who makes you cry doesn't only get shown it back, he get's shown the truth! *Holds up a tape*
Nick: No way! *Grabs the tape* This isn't proof is it?
Selena: *Looks up at the sky* No, it is!
Demi: *Hugs her* Sel I love you! How did you get it?!
Selena: Well when she bumped into me a few days ago I put a bug on her.
Nick: A bug that records everything she says?
Selena: No! A bug that eats her brain! Yes a bug that records things!
Nick: Ouch! *Holds his shoulder* Sarcazum hurts!
Selena: Well get a bandaid while I show Joe the real Taylor! *Grabs the tape back from Nick and walks past them.*
Demi: Wait! *Grabs her arm*
Selena: What?
Demi: We've got to be creative with this.
Selena: What do you mean?
Nick: *Smiles and looks at Demi* No!
Demi: *Smiles back at Nick* Oh yeah...
Selena: *Looking back and fourth between the two of them* This muct be some freaky twin thing because I have no clue what you're talking about.



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